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Health Blueprint

by 100 Health Journeys

Complete Nutrition and Elegant Fitness

are the keys to explore your personal health journey and crown it with gold. Go for it!

What if          can smile and

enjoy a solid health foundation for life?

Hi there,

I'm Lucian F. Toia

If you are like my finest clients, you want to enjoy life with passion, you feel strongly about making an honest effort, you care with intense energy and emotion, and you are determined to multiply your unique true value. This is your personal health journey for body, mind, and spirit.


I am a personal fitness and nutrition coach on a mission to help you create an amazing health foundation for life. I am most passionate about people, professional sports and athletics, and the development of the fascinating human potential.  I started 100 Health Journeys to create an effective process formula where complete nutrition, elegant fitness, and superb transformational change are the health blueprint essentials to achieve your dream life.

I would feel honored to guide you! 

Lucian F. Toia - Nutrition Coach & Pesonal Trainer

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Why I am coaching

Who I am

What you become

I feel an incredible desire to provide the opportunity for busy people to achieve more of their dreams by guiding their life journey with an amazing health foundation for life.

I am passionate, determined, and effective to make a significant and positive difference in the world and intensely enjoy the life journey I choose to experience. 

You will discover the very fabric you are made of and enjoy a transformational change in your personal health journey to focus more on your unique true value.

"Quality Questions Create a Quality Life"

Tony Robbins


Your Personal Health Journey

Effective Habit-based Learning

with the Finest mix of 

Complete Nutrition and Elegant Fitness 

You bring a unique personality to the table. 

We have the best method for sustainable change: habit-based learning.

Together we set up a superb experience that creates freedom:

  • to enable diet-free permanent weight loss and physique transformation

  • to enjoy the journey to set-up your solid health foundation for life

  • to experience life with energy, joy, and passion 


Are You ready to trust and commit your special talents and strengths to the proven coaching process? 

We've got You covered!


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