Permanent Weight Loss

Freedom with Habits




Weight Loss

Focus on joy and energy.

Learn the freedom of no diet

Eat slow and mind food behaviors

Build skills and support that last a lifetime

Elite Athlete


Move better.

Appreciate progress.

Get lean and fit by design

Build and develop your physique

Pure Lean


Transform with Freedom

Train the peak performance mindset.

Create a solid health foundation for life

Master the blueprint of your health journey

ONE Health Journey to FREEDOM,


 is what I do.

Help you build a solid health foundation for life

I started 100 Health Journeys to create a solution that helps you lose weight, get lean and fit, and reach the profound freedom to forget all about health. You are free to enjoy your dreams.


It’s a beautiful mix of the joy and energy of moving better with the taste and clarity of the whole foods plant-based cuisine. I like to call it nothing less than a transformational change one habit at a time. I have seen it work with others, and it has worked with me too.


Take permanent weight loss. Or becoming elite athlete fit forever. What about combining the two in an on-going state of pure lean energy? I believe that your health journey is more than fresh salad, water, and exercise.

If you are like my finest clients, you want to enjoy life with passion, you feel strongly about making an honest effort, you care with intense energy and emotion, and you are determined to multiply your unique value.


That’s your health journey because the freedom to pursue your dreams is priceless. 

~ Lucian


No Restriction. No-Risk. No-Diet.

30 min

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