100 energies of the infinite mind

How about the 100 number in the 100 Health Journeys business name and brand?

The choice of 100 has been a very specific and conscious choice for me. It is perfectly aligned with my values. It truly defines what I love, what I focus on, and what I want the 100 Health Journeys business to stand for. It has its roots in both numerology and water.

Numerology is the science studying numbers, where numbers are seen as a foundational part of the universe. Numerology and numbers take a unique perspective in understanding you and your world. The number 100 has a key meaning to me as it represents a true picture of a self-determined, independent energy with an infinite potential. This is the mind and the way it is supposed to operate with and for us. Self-determination means the passionate choice to determine your own destiny. It means the freedom to choose how you feel. And it definitely creates a focus on the pursuit of your passion.

The numbers 1 and 0 as a combination form the number 100. The number 1 brings unique character and independent leadership to the table. Number 0, and certainly two times number 0, takes openness, wholeness, and infinity to the same table. When you combine these two numbers, you will get the essence of infinite energy to continuously discover new insights and improve as a whole human being.

The number 100 has another very important meaning to me. It has a direct link to water. 100 degrees Celsius are the boiling temperature of pure water at sea level. I very much like the concept of "mind like water", maybe first introduced by Bruce Lee. Here I see the infinite potential of the mind again, in the context of clean and pure water.Let's get some fresh water. We all know that this is not a given in this world, far from it.

We also know our planet has to work very hard to make it happen. We really need to be so grateful for the moments where we can enjoy it. It is a superb gift to become clean from inside out through water. Pure water is life and energy in their simplest and perfect forms. Water is always effective and successful.Water is uniquely calm when things are really undisturbed at its surface. Have you ever been in a place to experience such an amazing feeling of relaxation and calm? Just being there and looking at still water in the sun has its own personal inspiration for reflection and a deep look into your own personal thoughts.

I love that feeling of inner peace, relaxation, smooth, and joy. Am sure there have been moments where you have witnessed completely calm water. It is a reflection of a unique inner peace and relaxation feelings. Who hasn't been throwing a stone into the water? We have done so many times. Somehow we have been attracted by its calm, and somehow we want to disturb that splendid truth. Disturbing water on its surface creates ripples and concentric circles. We see them move from their source to the outside world, as far as water can reach. Water reacts with these ripples in direct proportion to the applied disturbing force. That means that water reacts with just enough flexibility and adaptability as necessary.

Water is very effective with its energy and reaction. You won't ever see water overreacting, that is simply impossible. I am sure you also notice the same flexibility and adaptability when you think about the form that water can take. Water takes or fills whatever shape it has been given, whether it is a lake, a sea, a cup, or a bathtub. Water becomes form as needed. There is an infinite number of shapes water can take to express itself. Water moves and expands in an limitless number of ways, only to start the most effective and enjoyable journey to reach its destination. Your success is your ability to design and enjoy your unique mind like water with ease.

This is the profound meaning the number 100 has for 100 Health Journeys.

What is your number and which meaning do you attach to it?

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