The Surprising Nutrition Fundamentals You Need To Know

Nutrition is surprising. It's about the experience, just as much as it is about food. And it means emotion and imagination. Food creates feelings, changes attitudes, and creates pleasure beyond belief. What do you feel when you have food sensations?

Nutrition is science. Food with its cooking and fantastic recipes is art.

The science and art fundamentals of food and nutrition define pure joy and taste.

Make a choice to enjoy the power of positive surprises.

Is Food Nutrition?

Nutrition begins with mindset and behavior.

Nutrition begins with mindset and behavior.

You set the table because you know your friends will be there in an hour. You and your wife have prepared food, bought some amazing stuff and did lots of preparations. Nothing is left to chance. Why? Because you care.

They are your friends, and you want everyone to enjoy the food and above all have a fantastic experience together. You have thought about it, and you want all of you to remember this dinner. That's the mindset and behavior that created everything, long before any cookbook or recipe came up in the preparations. Your purpose defines the experience.

Nutrition affects only you?

Inspire others with your health journey.

Sometimes you think of food as just that, food. And you get on with it as if it there to fill in some empty space and nothing else. There is a reasoning behind the scenes that nutrition and the foods you eat will only impact you. Think again.

Your mindset, the display of your choices with food and nutrition will have an impact on others. People around you, everyone, may very well be inspired by the purpose, experience, joy, healthy foods that you show up with every day of the week.

Next Meal? Think about the power of your health journey to inspire others.

They are looking.

Food for Energy but not for Recovery?

Healthy, plant-based foods get you both benefits.

You are preparing for your next workout. The workout? It presents you with some serious challenges for your muscles. What does it take? Elegant fitness is about hard work, about form, and meaningful execution. Physique transformation is not an easy goal.

Your mind gets set on a light mix of carbohydrates and proteins. That will help.

But wait. There is more. What foods are best for a workout? How about your recovery? The first strategy for improvement is evident. Adequate sleep? Yes, sleep quantity, and quality does wonder. You already know that.

What you may not know is that food and nutrition can support your recovery.

Take whole foods, plant-based nutrition to be your recovery partner.

What about a shake mix of almond milk, blueberries, chia seeds, and oats?

It's a tasty delight of complete nutrition for a high quality, fast recovery.

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