The 3 Monumental Podcasts You Need To Know

Learning is critical. How many times do you search on the Internet? That's learning.

Do you know how to search? How many books and articles have you read about how to search effectively on the web? These days we just do. Everything gets so fast that we never read a manual or whatever procedure to do anything.

We believe everything has to work intuitively. Things need to be automated without any thinking required. That's what we want. Speed. Quality? I don't know about that.

What does it do with our learning ability and overall cognitive power?

Learning is critical because it is one of the key ways to keep our brain moving.

It is fitness and nutrition for the brain.

Smart people? They thrive on lifelong learning.and they do so on purpose.

You can learn by listening to a sensitive choice of podcasts. Want to learn about fitness and nutrition from a growing base of applied science and research?

Here are a few fantastic fitness and nutrition podcasts you need to enjoy.

The Nutrition Facts podcast

This is the best and latest research-based nutrition advice you can possibly find.

Dr. Greger has mastered the art of carefully making choices on various food and nutrition subjects that we can follow and apply in our daily trips to the grocery store.

Do you think hard science can be funny?

Well, listen to Dr. Greger and enjoy nutrition made easy and funny.

Bookmark the Nutrition Facts website for lots of invaluable videos and articles.

The Smarter Sculpted Physique podcast

Fitness starts with mindset. And this fitness information gets disseminated and made accessible based on decades of real expertise. Do you want to build muscle, lose weight, or advance to a superb physique?

Coach Abel creates space and energy for the fundamentals of the fitness and nutrition world. Here you can learn how to apply hidden gems behind years of practice.

Hold on to your chair, you may not like it, but you definitely need to hear it.

The Exam Room podcast

This is the vegan sound of the plant-based experts Dr. Neal Barnard and Chuck Carroll.

Do you want to understand what plant-based food and nutrition mean?

Are you looking to see what works and why in the science world behind vegan food?

The Physicians Committee is the place to learn the vegan lifestyle.

Take advantage of these fantastic resources and stimulate your lifelong learning.

Fitness and Nutrition science and research keeps developing and moves forward with the pace of today's chips and computers.

Let's slow down and be grateful that we live in this era with true expertise.

Do you need more help? Make a smart choice for a personal health journey.

Get coaching that works.