The 3 Complete Nutrition questions I get asked most often

Complete Nutrition is about enjoying food and its full food experience. It is also about getting all the necessary nutrients to look great, feel amazing, and perform at your very best. Complete Nutrition is a strategy that operates from a mindset of abundance, with lots of choice, variety, taste, joy, and energy. It creates space for your health journey with a simple and sustainable health blueprint.

Complete Nutrition is about how you matter most for your food choices.

So I get asked many questions ... Let's pick the three that come forward most often.

1. What is the best diet?

First of all, the word "diet" brings up short-term thinking. Words matter a lot. Becoming aware that words trigger emotions and behaviors is important. People say they are on a diet and that is usually an indication for a particular period, from a few weeks to a few months. Furthermore, nobody enjoys a "diet," it does not associate well with joy, happiness or energy. So leave "diet" out of the conversation and replace it with food choice or strategy. Give yourself the gift of words that create a chance to enjoy food and its experience.

There is no best food choice or strategy for everyone. Think about it. You love a sports car. Your friends love a family car. What is the best car? We are all different on multiple levels and dimensions, and we need to realize that our food needs and desires are different. Our thoughts about looking good, feeling great or performing well know a welcome and fantastic variety. So, define the best food choice from your perspective regarding what is sustainable, simple, and enjoyable.

2. Why do I need to count calories?

The first question is if you need to count calories. If yes, then the next problem is about counting calories. Both items find their merits in the big thoughts of calories are calories and eating more or fewer calories than you will result in weight gain or loss.

Let's stay with the car analogy for a moment. A sports car is a car. A family car is also a car. That means that a sports car is the same as a family car. This analogy shows the false reasoning behind a calorie is a calorie. A calorie from healthy foods is very different from a calorie from unhealthy foods. We already said that we are very different. The way we process food is very different too, even with the same foods. A calorie is never a calorie. Add to this the fact that calorie figures on food labels are about 25% less accurate than indicated and there it is, no reason to count calories.

3. How do I avoid carbs?

This question is a classic. I heard it last week. You lost much weight. It happened because you didn't eat carbs. Wrong. We need carbs and lots of it too. Carbs are full of nutrients our body needs to be able to function optimally. Think of the necessary vitamins, minerals, fiber for your health. Moreover, carbs are everywhere, consider fruits, vegetables, legumes, dairy, grains or sweets.

You would have to go to extreme lengths to avoid carbs, regardless of the negative health consequences. The better question is what quality of carbs we should eat and in what quantity. The answer is, again, it depends. It is a function of the individual needs, desires, goals, So do not avoid carbs, choose quality carbs.

Make a food choice today.

How often do you think about these questions? It's time to think of you, who you are, what you stand for, and what your goals are. You are unique, and you have amazing experiences. You matter most for the food choices you make. So, make a clear decision for health.

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