This is why Your 5 Awesome questions about Health Make a Difference

What is health? How do you define optimal health for yourself?

There is no debate about the importance of health. Take a look at health from the perspective of the mind, the body, and spirit. These are the stars of the health movie. This movie has a couple of indispensable support staff members, fitness, and nutrition. We need to realize that it takes a full team of fitness, nutrition, body, mind. and spirit to deliver optimal health.

So what does it take to bring your optimal health movie to a box-office success?

Let's ask the right questions to find that out.

Exercise to reach functional fitness

Functional fitness is the ability to perform your desired daily activities with ease and have a reserve to use when more is needed. Are you fully aware of your functional fitness level?

Let me give you an example. Imagine you live a few floors up, and you go down with the elevator to get some fresh air. Nothing special, you may do that every day. Now try to take the stairs when you get back home and see how you feel. That's quite a challenge, isn't it?

Strength and conditioning training helps you reach your desirable functional fitness levels.

Eat to feed your body, mind, and spirit.

Nutrition is the process by which food gets transformed into nutrients in and for your body. Food is science. We may think of food as nutrition and equate the calories we eat to the energy we get. There is truth in this simple statement.

So what are the foods that support optimal health in the long-term?

Optimal health? Yes.

We want to feel good and have a decent amount of energy, now and in the future. WFPB is the future of enjoying a mix of food and health.

Listen to your body.

Let's take your heart as the most important metaphor for our whole body. The heart is an intelligent and complex mechanism that keeps you alive. Its importance is never underestimated.

So how can you achieve and maintain a healthy heart?

At the very core, your heart is like a muscle. It can and must be trained to reach a high-performance level with ease. What does it take to get there? First of all, don't take your heart for granted. Second of all, invest in every aspect of fitness and nutrition, along with their helpers, body, mind, and spirit.

Meditate to relax your mind

The mind is a very abstract concept. Let's simplify it. Your mind is basically a stream of conscious and unconscious thoughts. Our emotions change naturally throughout the day too. This is the way we feel and think. And our thoughts and feelings define who we are, and most importantly, they create our behavior.

Meditation helps to calm and focus your mind.

Becoming mindful is the critical ingredient that you can use to step out of your daily hurry.

A little quiet time works wonders for your mental recovery.

Are you able to manage your thoughts and emotions?

Becoming aware of your emotions and what you feel is both art and science.

Managing your thoughts means to become conscious of at least a good part of your thoughts.

And in doing so, observing your thoughts and emotions will make the road free to become aware of your behavior. The options you can create here become endless. What a positive mind!

Set direction with your spirit

Spirit is a loaded word. It is often left out of a casual conversation. It helps to think about it and experience it as you would define and think about your purpose.

Your spirit is your purpose.

So what is your higher purpose in life?

You get up every morning. Sometimes you are on the automatic pilot. But there are times where you are fully present on purpose. It may very well be that your goal has been hidden behind immediate needs. Or that it is about your short-term interests or long-term desires, and even conscious or unconscious thoughts and emotions.

It certainly pays off to regularly take some time for reflection. Your purpose is certainly your driving force to achieve great things. Reveal it to yourself, and you may accelerate your journey of getting there. And even better, make a smart choice to design your health journey to achieve your optimal balance for your fitness, nutrition, body, mind, and spirit.

The right questions are your answers.

Optimal health is about asking the right questions first.

Reflect on the solutions that offer you a fantastic feeling of freedom.

Why? Because it's about becoming free with your health journey on purpose.

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