The 5 Podcasts I Listen to

Updated: Sep 8, 2018

There are lots of inspiration sources that move you towards who you want to become.

I have a passion to learn so I am always looking for amazing insights that challenge me and that get me to think and get out of the notorious comfort zone. You know what they say about the 5 people you hang out with. Well, here are the 5 podcasts I listen to.

Be curious and learn every day from your best inspiration sources

The Real Food Reel

An amazing team of sports nutritionists getting real about nutrition, performance, health in general and lots of good stuff in between. They bring great people on board and they are here to help you do very well. Listen to them. Steph is leading the pack and delivers true value about food. nutrition, and health. She's an example we all can follow.

Smarter Sculpting Physique

I am a big fan of Scott Abel. I have read almost all his books and listened to nearly all his podcasts. He is a master fitness coach and comes out with lots of science and research for both fitness and nutrition. He is very outspoken and has been my inspiration and coach for some years now, even if he doesn't know it. I have nothing but respect and appreciation for his work and continuous dedication to all of us. Get to know him.

Online Marketing Made Easy

Amy is just a fantastic business gal. I have downloaded lots of podcasts from her, and it is the only podcast I listen to when I can take notes. And I take lots of notes for every podcast she sends into the waves. Give her your full attention and be prepared to think and take action. There is lots of free stuff, but it's not free of action. Listen to value.

Wellness Force Radio

Josh does a great job into bringing the latest and deepest insights on wellness, emotional and physical well-being with lots of experts on the subjects. He doesn't stop at the surface and goes on to get the finest points out of every subject and interview he does. I love the way he asks questions and relates to the emotional matters for all of us.

The Model Health Show

Shawn has an amazing personal story that has inspired lots of people to realize their dreams. He has definitely inspired me. What he did for himself and others is truly amazing, and it just keeps coming. Health and sleep, in particular, have been his drive.

I learn great and surprising insights every time I get a new podcast. Do it yourself?