How to Abuse your Body to Never Conquer Fantastic Health

We are creatures of habit.

Everything gets automated, and our life does too.

Our habits define us just as much as we determine them.

How conscious are you about your purpose and everyday choices?

What are you thinking when you go on automatic pilot for your health?

Why do you spend conscious body, mind, and spirit power on unfulfilling dreams?

Here's a practical solution about how to abuse your body to never conquer fantastic health.

Making unconscious choices about your purpose, foods, exercise, and recovery leaves a clue.

What happens with unconscious choices daily? They become your automatic behavior.

You abuse your body, and your health journey gets you on a path for the worse.

How come? It's more natural and more common than you would think.

Wondering around without a deep sense of purpose

You know how it works for you. Getting up and busy right away is what keeps you going.

The question is this: when is the last time you took time to reflect on your why?

Having a purpose helps you change your life from a healthy perspective.

Your purpose guides your actions on what's meaningful for you.

It brings fulfillment, lets you enjoy a happy life, and move on.

No purpose? You ignore a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Ignore WFPB for disease and a false sense of achievement

Let's talk about automatic eating behaviors.

Food and meals are really essential. You know that.

Okay. That's fine. But how do you choose what you eat?

Does the food you eat every day support your health and purpose?

You see, food and nutrition can contribute to a superb healthy lifestyle.

Neglect the WFPB cuisine, and you destroy a solid health foundation for life.

A sedentary lifestyle is a losing proposition

Physical activity brings you a whole world of good.

Getting in shape offers a collection of many health benefits.

Fitness gets you more energy, a better mood, relaxation, and better sleep.

Weight loss and disease? Exercise helps significantly with your health journey.

Want to do even better? Make a conscious choice for expert fitness program design.

A sedentary life gets you to lose strength, gain weight, and increase your risk of disease.

Stress is a trained sniper that practices every day

Everything you do builds up stress. Not you? Think again and smell your bucket of stress.

Ever recognized the daily demands and anxiety that come to you just because life happens?

Stress is your body's response to protect you because of what your lifestyle throws at you.

There is good stress and bad stress. Good stress feels good and lets you make progress.

Bad stress impairs your performance and creates a state of unhealthy anxiety.

Loss of sleep, deep connections, and relaxation lead to chronic stress.

Overlook your need for recovery and become a bad stress magnet.

Key takeaways

It's easy to abuse your body and more common than you think.

Do without a meaningful purpose, pass on WFPB, don't exercise, and ignore quality sleep.

Take a good look in the mirror and reflect on how many essential boxes you tick.

How far are you up on the unconscious abuse ladder?

What's the problem? You won't see it until you feel it and it's late.

The solution? Become pro-active to find your meaningful purpose for guidance.

Design your health journey as a mix of WFPB cuisine with mindful exercise and recovery.

Want to be perfect?

Learn to let that go, and enjoy making progress in supporting your purpose daily.

Your health journey is about joy and energy

You can achieve freedom with habits.

Make a conscious choice to design healthy habits on purpose.

Want help with choosing your path? Take the first step and get in touch.

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