The Best Nutrition Principles You Need to Love

Complete Nutrition is simple. Does simple mean easy? No, simple is by no means easy.

Simplicity is the mother of effectiveness when it comes to daily food choices for life.

Nutrition is a funny science. You often get a continuous string of confusing images.

There are many industry interests, food debates, and highly emotional diet fans.

Clarity? The more tech and info available, the more fuzzy life becomes.

Here's a simple truth. Become more instead of less.

You can add more fruits, vegetables, and water to your daily choices.

There is no need for the negatives, like eat less, don't eat this, don't eat that, etc.

If you add more healthy choices, you will see that with time they will become more.

If healthy foods become more, you will become more of what you are and can be.

Eat more Fruits and Vegetables

There is a large choice of fruits and vegetables.

You can start with your favorites and experiment with new ones.

Vegetables should be the bulk of your meals, and the fruits are your dessert.

Your imagination is the only limiting factor if you look at the potential of the variety.

Mix in the infinite number of tasty recipes that can try to enjoy these foods every day.

Think of diversity too, when making food choices. Think different colors.

Try adding new fruits and vegetables, try and enjoy a different mix.

Drink more water

Hydration is very vital. It clears almost everything in your body.

It helps you think better and keeps you running smooth.

Life gets in the way, and we hardly get enough water.

And I am actually talking about clean water.

Move more

What does moving have to do with nutrition or food?

Well, fitness and nutrition are both essential to our well-being.

Nutrition lays down the critical foundation for your health journey.

Fitness provides the means and energy to keep you going to enjoy life.

It's the combination of the two that makes it possible to live your dreams.

Here are the critical points of the new Physical Activity Guidelines.

Key Takeaways.

More fruits, vegetables, water, and movement are the key ingredients for a healthy life.

Get them in place, and you have a fantastic start for your health journey.

Want to do even better?

Try nuts and seeds, especially Chia seeds and Baruka nuts.

Want to learn more?

Get personal coaching for a solid health foundation for life.