Calculating for weight loss looks like a jackpot guarantee

Why do people play the lottery? Well, for the chance to win the jackpot.

And the higher the jackpot, the higher the attraction it presents and the higher the number of lottery participants.

Have you ever seen a jackpot guarantee? Yes, it does exist.

This round, they say, there is a guarantee that the jackpot will be drawn and won.

Calculating weight loss with calories and macro's makes sure you never win the jackpot.

Weight loss is not easy. Add to that the high social media pressure for the quick fix, sure thing fitness and nutrition solutions. The usual suspects come along and go well beyond questions of how much do you bench and what your macros are. Macros? Well, that is the number of grams you allocate to your daily meals, in terms of carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. How come you need calculated grams to tell you how you feel?

Listen to your body.

The solutions offered are done by calculators based on your height, weight, circumference, and calories. A machine will tell you what your ideal figures are and what your optimal intake should be in grams per meal and per day.

What's wrong with your own body? Nothing.

It's by far your best friend and has the most relevant experience and expertise for you, not available anywhere else.

Lose the Fixing Mindset and the google diet search.

You have been led to believe there is something wrong with you. You were made to sense triggers that your thoughts about fitness and nutrition are flawed.

Take a step back. Move out of the fixing mindset and the diet google search.

Grab a piece of paper and sit down for a few minutes to make a conscious choice for health. Write down your life's purpose and pair that with what you already know is healthy and makes perfect sense for your personal health journey.

Easy? No. Hard work? Yes. Accept it and go for it.

How about a daily dose of fruits or vegetables to start with? A walk to clear your mind?

Experiment, change and enjoy your effort on purpose.

Make a choice for Whole Foods Plant-Based meals.

Research shows that whole foods and plant-based meal choices promote health from a very comprehensive perspective. It sustains life and goes for long term joy and energy.

Here's the most simple and straightforward guide to help you with your complete nutrition.

Is it a dIet? No, not at all.

This is about a proven, smart lifestyle choice that keeps getting better.

Healthy foods decision-making comes from a growth mindset for prosperity.

Check out the latest nutrition research to ground your personal health journey.

Need more help? Don't struggle on your own.

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