How to Crush your Cool-Down to the Highest Value

Ever told or heard a fantastic story? An inspiring story that you remember to this day?

Actually, a story does not have a start. It has a starting point, setting the stage and introducing the characters. What about the middle segment? It has an interesting conflict. Something happens. It creates a problem, it makes you see it and be part of it.

And then the conflict resolution begins, just like magic. It inspires you like crazy.

Now, that's a story that you will remember. And you share it with others.

A fitness workout is like a fantastic story. It has three parts. The warm-up, the exercise routine, and the cool-down are the essential parts of the fitness workout.

You want an effective fitness workout? Make a healthy choice for an inspiring resolution of your fitness story: a few minutes of static stretching.

Let's be very clear on what's meant with cool-down here.

The cool-down I recommend is about a few minutes of active static stretching.

Haven't seen much research and proven benefits on other methods.

The purpose of a proper cool-down is to get your body to relax, get your heart rate down, and get your muscles to reduce their tension and energy. That makes a few minutes of static stretching a superb ending of your intense workout.

And it starts your recovery.

Static stretches are meant to stretch and hold your muscles in specific positions for short periods, 10 to 45 seconds. The idea is to actually feel the exercised muscles getting longer, even if that feels a bit uncomfortable.

Other forms of cool-down? You can do the specific part of your warm-up.

Read for more info.

Remember, static stretching as cool-down is about the only form with proven benefits.

Make a mental note not to use static stretching as a warm-up. Ever.

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