This is What Happens when You Get Density with a Discount

Density is a measure of mass per volume. Think of materials, with their weight and dimensions. Density grows with more weight and less space required. The more kilograms and the fewer space needs, the larger the density. How about food and caloric density and their impact? Food density indicates the ratio of food weight versus food dimensions. Interesting? You bet if you are in the food and meal transportation business. Caloric density is a whole different ball game. It is at the heart of your health journey.

Foods in a supermarket with a sizable discount

Exactly. And you know what? Over time it is your health that gets discounted. High-calorie foods will both make you overweight and bring up lots of nasty diseases.

This is what happens when you get density with a discount.

Well-known high-calorie foods

Let's make it even more explicit. Think of most processed foods like pastries, pizza, potato chips, candy, cheese, or fast foods. What's the exception in this category? Nuts. And they are packed with fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Let's get real: nuts and seeds are not a meal, they are the spice to flavor a meal.

Food plays a fundamental role in your health journey

Pay attention to the foods you eat and make a difference between processed versus unprocessed foods. Why? Because this difference matters. And guess what? Chances are high-calorie foods are processed. Every meal carries a substantial cumulative impact on your health journey. Healthy? It's your choice.

This is what happens when you get density at a discount

Don't let food and caloric density fool you into unconscious food choices at your own peril. You know plenty of examples of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and spices. They are low-calorie, healthy, unprocessed foods that promote health big time. And here are a ton of tasty recipes to get you started.

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