Your Breakthrough Mindset of Elegant Fitness will Make You See Cash

Mindset determines behavior and action.

Believe that you can grow and you can achieve it.

The mindset of Elegant Fitness is, first of all, a growth mindset.

The growth mindset? You need to believe that you can grow with hard work.

Realize that, if you master the movement, you will achieve mastery of the exercise.

Invest big time in perfect form. Weight lifting? Forget the weights.

Get into the process.

Make a conscious choice for the growth mindset to achieve quality first on your journey.

It's this discipline for the process that that will set you up for success and hard cash.

Here's Napoleon Hill's quote:

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

The mindset of Elegant Fitness is the choice for a process. Results? No, a process

It is the belief that you can make progress on your health journey.

Your purpose is the first thing to think about. Without a goal, there is always a road where you don't want to be. Find your purpose, and you are set for a fantastic start.

Whatever the purpose, make an honest effort to see the journey that lets you achieve it.

Want to achieve healthy freedom with Complete Nutrition and Elegant Fitness?

Build the mindset of achievement to enjoy your Health Journey permanently.

Focus on Perfect Form first

Don't just do something, stand there. You know it's usually the other way around.

People get into the gym, and they go for the weights. Yes, beginners too.

These days there is no patience to learn. Some argue, there never was.

Everyone wants a personal record in the context of overall instant gratification.

Perfect form is hard work. It pays off if you put in the work.

Here's a multiple-choice question for you.

Is it wise? Does it help? Does it create success? No, to all three questions.

It brings up your ego and delivers a false sense of results.

Your beliefs are set and get you sooner or later on your way to the land of failure.

Focus on the Elegant Fitness journey.

And the journey starts with form. Get the weights out of the way.

Study the movement. Exercise with thin air or with a wooden stick or weight.

Get the movement pattern as good as it can get before you start loading up.

Perfect form is just that: achieve movement mastery first.

Validate your results with progress on the way you perform the exercise.

That's true progress. Remember, your goal is the process, not a particular result.

Learn to listen to Personal Feedback

Elegant Fitness is about perfect form. Got it. Okay. That's critical.

Here's another part that's essential: personal feedback.

What's the feedback? That's a piece of information used to know where you are.

It can be an answer to a question, it can be your mirror. Feedback can also come from your family, from your team, or any other source. Feedback is a positive thing. It shows you where you are healthy. It also brings up your improvement points. Good stuff.

Some say feedback is a gift. I agree. And you can make it even more meaningful to you.

Do it yourself. That's what I mean by personal feedback. Focus on yourself and see how you can learn to listen to your own feedback cues. You know your body as the best.

And you can gauge intensity, weights, and resting time for yourself.

That's biofeedback.

Do you need external sources to give you feedback?

Yes. welcome for 20% of the time

However, the critical and most important feedback is your own.

Start with it and make it count for 80% of the time.

Key takeaways

Elegant Fitness is about the growth mindset, perfect form, and biofeedback.

It creates joy and energy for a successful health journey.

And it supports you to master the journey.

This is the discipline that makes you see and get cash.

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