The 7 keys to becoming Elite Athlete Fit

Imagine you are with a group of friends witnessing an amazing sports performance. There are lots of emotions and a heated debate going on. Your friends are loudly wondering what it would take to be elite athlete fit.

How would you respond?

Do you want to become elite athlete fit? Are you ready, willing, and able to pay the price?

Here are a few suggestions to help you craft a vivid picture for your friends.

Create the most compelling reasons why you need to be Elite Athlete Fit.

Make no mistake about it, this requires impressive effort and dedication. Your reasons have to reflect an unbelievable “Need” to achieve that. It is this solid “Need” that will make sure you will never give up, no matter what.

Make a personal decision to be Elite Athlete Fit.

It has to be a personal decision at your highest commitment level. Make it public by announcing it to your family, friends, and your more extensive network. Create strong accountability where there is no turning back.

Decide when you need to achieve the outcome of being Elite Athlete Fit.

Decide on a specific timeline for your outcome and set the date in your calendar, Make sure you see it every day. Take a few minutes to visualize yourself achieving this milestone. Get into the habit of “feeling” a superb achievement day.

Determine the specific obstacles in your way and what you need to change.

There will be obstacles standing in your way to success. Brainstorm now on possible hurdles and come up with feasible solutions. Make sure you get the door open ahead of time and otherwise be prepared to open a window.

Design the plan to become Elite Athlete Fit or ask for expert help to get it.

The plan needs to address, fitness, conditioning, nutrition, and recovery. It needs to take you with your complete living environment into account, and it has to be personalized to fit you and your life in it. Your plan becomes a daily process and your journey to success.

Schedule your process and start enjoying the journey.

Open your agenda and create blocks of time for every step in the process. Scheduling it will give you the best chance to follow through daily. Start executing the process and enjoying the journey according to your calendar a soon as you have it.

Reflect regularly on the positive and adjust the Journey to reach your outcome.

Create a daily practice to reflect on process execution. Build the process of the next day on the progress and the decisive events of the day before. Validate the net worth of the improvement points with the 80/20 rule and decide on adjustments. Spend your energy where you can make the most positive impact and where you can make the best use of your skills and talents.


Training is at best less than 5% on average from the 24 hours you have at your disposal every day. That means that whatever happens the rest of the time matters tremendously for your journey. Add the research that shows that 5% of the athletes win an incredible 95% of the time, and you know that the winners are always highly confident and expect to win.

Playing and winning at an elite athlete fit level is above all else a mind and mindset performance. Allow this for a few moments to sink in, and understand why the keys to becoming elite athlete fit are very much mental management.

Are you sure you want to become an elite fit athlete?