The 3 Healthy Essentials of 2018

Lifelong learning is healthy. It has many benefits, but the ones I like the most is that it brings up new opportunities to engage with new things and to see the old stuff from a different perspective. So learning is progress. It helps us progress as a healthy human being and opens up many doors to sustain others to grow together with us.

There are many things I have learned in 2018. I have quite a few sources and memories to sort through. My journals and my notes plus my most vivid reflections have brought me a list of learning gifts. I want to share the 3 healthy essentials of 2018 with all of you.

Learn to Enjoy

This is the first thing I want to mention. I noticed I can compete with the best in finding amazing arguments to freely experience and often delay feeling joy, pleasure, and happiness. Chances are you can relate to that. It started with becoming aware, and it took me multiple times of noticing it and naming it to realize what was going on. Don't wait. There is not one single reason to delay enjoying every minute of your life.

Move into 2019 with thoughts and feelings of joy for who you already are.

Health is Gold

The thing with health is that you learn to appreciate it when you lost it. You don't think about it until you get a reminder. I have had my reminders through 2018 and discovered as if I didn't know, that health is gold. Knowing is not enough. It's the doing, and it's the prevention side of things that give us the privilege of living life like we feel it has been intended for us. Don't take health for granted. Our amazing body can bolster a lot of abuse. Without notice and without any noise you will lose the very health foundation you stand on. Go into 2019 with a few simple and productive habits that build your health.

Ask for help

Asking for help is not easy. It triggers lots of emotions, expectations, feelings that prevent us from doing it. I know it first hand. Sometimes I think of a weakness, of wrong expectations, of what others will feel about me, of what others will make of it for the future, many other things. I am sure you can find your own self-talk that has worked for you in this context. Lose it. I need to let go. I have come to understand that this is a fantastic opportunity to learn. I love learning, and this has worked for me. Reframe asking for help from a passion, and it will move you forward at warp speed. Learning is my passion.Get into 2019 with the aim to learn even more by asking for help.

What are your essential learnings of 2018?

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