The One Spectacular Thing that Will Make you Lose Weight Easy

You want to make a difference.

And you make touch decisions every day.

How do you make good choice to advance your purpose?

Principles are the fundamental design that guides you to make progress.

Grounded choices are the one spectacular thing that will make you lose weight easy.

Compound exercises, form, and intensity largely determine your weight loss outcome.

Let's leave food and nutrition out of the weight-loss equation this time.

Make a fitness choice for the fundamentals of weight loss exercises

Here are the principles that sustain fat burning weight lifting

The Mindset of Elegant Fitness is Perfect Form

Did you see the last Athletic World Cup in Doha? I am always amazed by how the athletes maintain extreme form and technique when running for 100m or 200m. I am choosing these short distances because the effort is brutal. And yet, when you look at a replay of the race, you can see what perfect running form means.

The perfect form allows the athlete to mix strength with the talent to achieve the complete process. Think about the process of running, not the result of running. Focusing on perfect form and the process allows for on-going and necessary improvements.

Weight lifting starts with the Elegant Fitness mindset: perfect form.

Invest lots of time in form and technique, and it will pay rent and dividends. Add to it the purpose of concentrating on the process, and you got more than 80% of the result. Exercise execution with load starts when you can prove movement mastery.

Intensity is about Focus to Feel the Pump

The pounds are a mistake I have seen often. The gyms are notorious for keeping the myth alive. Intensity is about how much weight you lift. Right? Wrong. It's dead wrong.

There is a lot of competition on the sheer amount of weight. As it nothing else matters.

Progress is far more about the way you lift weights.

Intensity says something about the way you focus on the movement. Recovery plays a vital role too. A short time for recovery during a workout makes the whole experience much more intense. Doing a circuit or another form of combining exercises with practically no recovery on a set creates near-maximum metabolic demand.

Weight loss? Get into the right intensity with exercising.

Concentrate on the movement. Focus on the muscles trained. Feel the pump.

Make sure you do that with every rep of every set. Be there when you train.

Intensity is 80% deep concentration and only 20% about the weight.

Compound Movements are an Essential Ingredient

Compound movements involve more than two joints and more than one muscle group. A compound exercise is far more effective at weight loss than isolation exercises.

Why? Because you work on more and larger muscle groups.

That creates a higher energy expenditure.

Here are a couple of compound exercises: the squat, the deadlift, the push-up, the kettlebell swing, and the burpee. The compound movements are more complicated than any isolation action. Again, I am not talking about the amount of weight. Form and technique count here even more.

Your fitness program design needs to take you as a whole person into account and accommodate the relevant exercises for you. Lose the mindset of just choosing a workout, or just doing this or that movement. Weight loss is never a goal in isolation.

Any work and your work capacity need to match you right at where you are.


Principles are the one spectacular thing that will make you lose weight easily.

Exercise choice always takes the last place in the process.

The fundamentals are form, intensity, and movement.

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