The 3 Critical Habits to Blissfully Exercise your New Fitness Freedom

Habits are the best discovery ever. Why? Because they give you freedom. They foster the ability to get valuable space and time to check out other things. Achieving fitness freedom is getting in critical habits to exercise consistently and with purpose. Feel free to enjoy and progress your health journey by design.

Here are the 3 critical habits to blissfully exercise your new fitness freedom.

Exercise on purpose.

What is your purpose for exercise? Why do you want to spend time on it?

Take five minutes and write down what your thoughts and feelings are about why you are willing to move. Make sure you come up with specific and personal reasons that are meaningful for your heart and soul.

The stronger the emotional and rational arguments that form the foundation of your reasoning, the more significant the chance you will act. Your purpose can make or break your consistent exercise behavior. It pays off to become mindful of your fitness purpose first.

Schedule your fitness time.

Have you noticed what happens with essential things? They get done. What happens to unscheduled events? They tend to live a life of their own outside of your reach and achievement. You want to bring exercise into focus and schedule it. That is if you find it critical to your meaningful purpose.

Your purpose dictates that you must fight for something important. It matters to you, and it makes a difference in your life. If exercise matters to you, then you schedule time. Start small and think in minutes. Schedule five minutes for your exercise today. Link exercise in your calendar with your purpose. That carries the power to bring you joy and energy, not because you must but because you want.

Work out for progress

Now that you have a purpose and you have scheduled a time to exercise, you need to find out how to best start spending those minutes. You need to come up with a workout that can get you results within the scope of your purpose and committed time.

The best thing to do? Get a coach that takes you into account to help set-up your personal program. Next best? Do your research and get the best possible fitness match by yourself to exercise safely.

Every purposeful and safe movement is better than random exercise or no physical activity at all. And, remember, progress towards your purpose is what really matters.

Here are the takeaways.

You have a purpose, committed time in your calendar, and a workout that you can safely execute. The fitness program matches your goal in the allocated time. That's fine. Everything has been set up, and it now becomes a matter of doing and progressing.

One more thing, if you want bonus points. Exercise with perfect form first.

Make a smart choice to learn the perfect and safest exercise form first.

Begin with consistent form mastery before you load up weight.

Purpose, safety, form, and consistency will maximize results for your exercise time.

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