The One Spectacular Fitness Thing You Need to Know by Heart

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Have you ever continued to lift weights or done cardio for weeks at a time and failed to see any tangible progress? That becomes a step by step receipt for stress and anxiety. Right?

Look around you, you are not alone. People can't seem to lose weight, despite loads of concerted effort. Others look for a superb physique transformation, only to get disappointed that nothing impressive shows up on their body.

I think so much stress about our fitness comes from poor nutrition. And here's the one spectacular fitness thing you need to know by heart: your meals determine your fitness success.

Let's get this straight and cut to the truth. You can't outperform careless food choices.

Your fitness level or your physique transformation is part of the well-known 80/20 rule. You know that everything can be divided into 20% and 80% parts. You just have to ask the right question. What's the 80/20 rule for my fitness goals? Here's the answer: it's 80& nutrition.

Being focused is right. That is when you keep your eye on the real prize. You can do the most fantastic fitness program and not get any results if your meals don't stack up at the same level. Let's avoid building stress over time by taking a good look at our food choices, next to following a well-built fitness program.

I have been talking to some really stressed out people. Let me tell you, nobody likes to invest time and money and see it all gone into thin air. The biggest headache in this dialogue has been that lots of people want to exercise, but only if they continue with their usual foods. It's like adding one plus one and saying you want the result to be three. Ignore your nutrition, and you will pay the price.

Make a smart WFPB choice, and you'll be seeing results with your fitness efforts before you know it. Why? Because it's the most natural step to take on your health journey. It may be a forgotten step, but it's sure one that will make you thrive. Let's see. There is no need to count calories. You have a lot of options and recipes on what to combine. And how to enjoy the foods of your choice. You can safely ignore macros and other complicated and useless diet nonsense. And, most important, your health journey moves the needle fast and in the right direction.

I know your next question. Where do I start? How can I get going with WFPB? Here are a few safe and simple tips. Add fruit to your every meal. Follow up with adding more veggies and legumes. And eat these new dishes first. You'll enjoy them and feel fuller, leaving less room for the usual. You want a change for the better, right?

WFPB gets your fitness stress out of the way. The thing is, you will see results. Feeling and looking better will make you realize that your goal has become your health journey.

Can you see how real food is essential to your health and fitness development?

Add and try WFPB with your next meals and notice the difference.

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