Fitness is chaos. Focus on the butterflies.

Create Elegant Fitness clarity from the butterfly perspective

Fitness is many and unusual things to lots of people. Ask around, try to find out what a universal definition of fitness is for people in a crowded subway going to work, and you will get just as many varieties of different points as there are people in that wagon. And, believe it or not, they are right.

Fitness depends on many factors. Take, for example, muscular strength and hypertrophy. The influencing factors are hormone levels, sex, age, muscle fiber type, muscle length. The list is far longer, but it's enough to get an idea. So trying to get to fitness in this context means we're in the middle of chaos and this just our body. I am not even beginning to discuss the information available on the Internet, the social networks, the experts, and many others.

Imagine yourself at a distance with a microscope in hand and trying to see the fitness space with all its elements. This is very much the chaos theory at work. We know some things are good, and they are more or less sure. Physical activity is excellent. A fitness program and expert workout design are certainly better than walking into a gym and doing random things without any structured idea. We also know that we will run into things that are at least somewhat unpredictable. Think of your unique self, with your reference point on your personal health journey, your hormones, your level of food digestion with your singular nutrients and vitamin absorption.

The system becomes simple and complex at the same time. The human system craves a clear choice for health, and that means generally accepted good fitness and nutrition levels as a foundation for your personal health journey. Mathematics comes to help here, and it teaches us about the chaos theory. One of the most fundamental concepts from this theory is the so-called butterfly effect. It basically says that in spite of the slightest change in one part of the world can cause an enormous change even at the other end in the world. Specifically, a butterfly flapping its wings in Australia can cause a major hurricane in the United States.

Bring order into the chaos. Elegant fitness is about amazing form with your exercises. This is the greatest fitness fundamental ever invented. It sounds simple, but it is so very difficult. Try to start writing with your left hand if you are a right hander. See how fast you can write to deliver a competitive calligraphic experience. You get the idea.

Create your own butterfly effect on your personal health journey. Make sure you eat proteins with every meal. This is one of the keys to complete nutrition. We know proteins support primary body functions. There is no chaos here.

What about fitness butterflies? Well, start your new era of fitness and make a clear choice for multi-joint, compound exercises. Think of squats, deadlifts, and one of my favorite exercises, push-ups. A little step further? Take less time between exercises. You are your own reference point.

What are your butterfly effect suggestions for fitness?

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