How to Hack your Fitness without a Minute Time

There is no time.

Of course, I know that my health is essential and I would like to go to the gym and to prepare the most elaborate, healthiest foods. But you know what? I don't have any time. Do you know what my daily schedule looks like? I am wondering how I can get through the days. To be honest, things pass by and I am like on automatic pilot. I get things done but don't ask me how. I am on automatic pilot. Going to the gym?

You got to be kidding. There is no way I can do that. There is no time.

In life, there are things you can do. And there are things you can't do.

We know and have all the examples we want in our own lives.

There are also times when this is about your mindset.

Do you choose a mindset of getting stuck with "no"?

Or do you choose the mindset of "yes"?

I get it, you don't have time. Ok, let's work with what we have.

Make a conscious choice to at least be open to the options you do have.

You want to be healthy and get fit without spending an extra minute of your time.

There is no gym, and there are no weights at home. Here is what you can do.

Start at home with push-ups.

One minute in the morning is already a lot of time.

And that brings up several possibilities and choices.

Spend that minute right when you get up on functional fitness.

Do 8-12 push-ups every other day. Try to exercise within this range.

Why the choice for push-ups?

It is a compound movement that activates many functional muscle groups.

Push-ups take care of muscle stretching, gives your heart a good workout, improves posture, prevents lower back pain, and gives your testosterone levels a boost.

There are lots of push-up variations.

Make sure you try them all. And push yourself in that minute.

They are not called push-ups for nothing.

Do a plank before work

Here's another essential exercise to do within one minute, the plank.

You can do this on the days without push-ups on the agenda.

Start with a plank for 30 seconds and work yourself up to a one minute plank.

Why the plank?

Well, it strengthens and defines your core muscles safely, sets you up with for a significantly better posture and balance, helps you build an enhanced metabolism, and delivers increased bone and joint health for your body.

Rotate between different plank variations.

Take a Walk and the Stairs to Success

Make a choice when you are at work to move more.

Leave the elevator be. Take a walk.

Climb the stairs and make a difference for your health journey.

Do that every day and every time you are on the move.

Using public transport?

Get out one stop short of your destination and walk.

A meeting with a colleague without the need for taking notes? Walk together.

High-floor building? Get out of the elevator a few floors earlier.

Climb the stairs with intent and determination for success.

Walking and climbing stairs every day add up.

Remember, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

Recall Elegant Fitness? That's fitness exercise execution with perfect form.

Pay attention to form when you exercise, more than anything.

The takeaway: You can always get fitness smart.

Bonus: There is "no time" does not exist.

You are always making choices with your time.

Lose the "time" excuse and come forward with your choices.

Be honest with yourself. Your choices make up your personal story.

What you consistently spend time on is crucial to you. That's a lifestyle choice.

No judgment, it is what it is. Happy? Fine. Want something else? Change it.

Ready to learn more?

Check out the power of fitness for your health journey.

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