Elegant Fitness: The Key Choices for Expert Program Design

Fitness Program Design is not comfortable. It is an elegant and forgotten combination of art and science. It starts with the train of thought about purpose. You never go to a random train station, select a colorful train and board to an unknown destination. We all know the examples of so many people doing that in the context of a gym or at home, hoping. They come in, pick some weights and machines and do something, next to the more important talking and messaging on the phone. Where are they going? Hoping?

There are fantastic fitness benefits that you can achieve. Here I define fitness as resistance training, just to be specific and know what it is we are looking at. Many elements must be addressed if you want to make a difference by teaming up with expert fitness program design in this context. Let's consider them briefly.

Begin with who you are:

Get to know the person behind the fitness question.

Take the whole person into account, what does she do for work, family, current fitness levels, previous fitness experience, current fitness levels, likes, dislikes, and much more.


What is the overall topic or question you are trying to address?

Maybe it is conditioning. Or you can be looking at physique development.


The Goal addresses the Purpose in a particular way.

Conditioning can be achieved on the path of cardiorespiratory or resistance training.

Physique development can find a practical solution in resistance training.


There is a need to build the program with a specific structure.

Think about splits like body-part, upper / lower, total body and quite a few more.


This is a simple yes or no answer, whether there is a need for a peak fitness state.

Imagine you have a competition goal or a specific planned date for a conditioning result.

Periodization can take many forms, like linear, non-linear, undulating, reciprocal.

Rest and Recovery:

This is a strategic choice that often gets less attention than it should. It is about rest between exercises, sets and also about rest between training sessions or days. Recovery may very well be just as fundamental as the exercise form.

Tactical Choices:

This is about movement patterns, ranges, and planes of motion, sets and reps and specific choices per training day or session.

Focus points:

What do you choose to play with concerning keeping things constant or variable?

These are choices related to exercise selection, intensity, duration, frequency, etc.

Expert Fitness Program Design is a creative process.

Consider these choices with lots of specific arguments and grounded art and science and you can see why effective fitness programming is not a trivial matter. It requires knowledge and expertise at the highest level to produce the most basic beginner training workout that takes into account relevant scientific principles and the specific characteristics of the person in front of you.

Every choice with fitness program design builds on the others and has an impact on the way the program will work for you. And we are yet to think seriously about exercise selection and the order in which to perform the exercises consider. Contrary to popular belief, exercise selection is the last part of program design. Once you have thought about all the relevant strategic and tactical decisions what exercises to do and they fit into the program becomes a natural and easy choice.

Last but not least ...

Never underestimate exercise form, rest and general recovery.

They are the fundamentals you need for good progress and well-being.

You gain the most by concentrating on the fundamentals and put purpose, mind, and body into the process. Do the essentials first and foremost and enjoy the journey. Create a consistent experience to become a little better every day. Here's where accountability and coaching can help you make progress with smart decisions.

I have learned and am learning from the best coaches out there.

Check out Scott Abel. The man is a living legend of fitness and nutrition strategies.

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