How to Make Exciting Food on Venus Your Highest Jackpot

Everyone is the same. That means men and women enjoy the same complete nutrition.

But wait. How is this true when we know that everyone is different?

Men and women need separate diets.Well, which one is it?

We know that women are from Venus.

Venus enjoys food and exercise in her unique way.

That's different for Mars. Something must be changed there.

Here's the first step to understanding what food and nutrition mean for Venus.

There are lots of differences between Venus and Mars.

You can choose to look at similarities. Or you can take the perspective of difference.

I chose the differences because you can see why it pays to understand how to engage with Venus. So, let's dive in two essential points that affect nutrition on Venus in a significant way.

Big differences in sex and gender.

Take a look at the biology first. Venus has quite a unique anatomy and a different set of chromosomes. We leave out a lot, but you get the big picture from this perspective.

Gender is a practical consideration. It takes your cultural and social support network into account; Venus has her collection of particular identities, roles, and characteristics.

Sex and gender define Venus as a clear and unique reference point. And that matters for generic and specific food choices. Quality food has a place in any nutrition strategy. Deciding what is delicious, how, in what environment and combinations may all be different on planet Venus.

Hormones are the keys to the heart and soul.

Hormones have an impact on every aspect of life and determine for a great deal overall body composition and fat distribution, cues for cravings, hunger, appetite, and satiety. Hormone levels and their fluctuations influence psychological and physiological states and responses to food. Here's how animal protein impacts stress hormones, testosterone, and pregnancy.

How does that show up in real life?

Precision Nutrition helps out. Here are the two sex hormones for Venus and Mars:

Their levels are very different, and that has a considerable impact on lifestyle choices and metabolism. How do they affect blood pressure, blood glucose, and longevity?

Healthy hormones deliver good to optimal health.

So, the big question here is how to enjoy food and nutrition on Venus.

From a generic perspective, food quality matters here too.

Notice the 20% striking difference for life on Venus.

And here's how to achieve that understanding.

The set-up of Complete Nutrition for Venus

Invest in understanding Venus first. Be open to learning.

There is no place for assumptions. Engage with the whole person.

Discover the goals and expectations, the social and cultural aspects, identity, values, biology, family, support network, all next to the current levels of activity, and the joys of the food intake. Make a note that the household and caregiving workloads do matter.

Touching the biology side, with the specific sex and gender aspects, reach out to review the hormone levels on Venus. Why do you think Venus has much more of a difficult time to let go of body fat than their friends on Mars? Here's another example.

Nutrition affects fertility on Venus in a big way.

Understanding differences and similarities will set you up to make better nutrition choices and to design your health journey. Coming from different diet try-outs may very well account for hormonal disruption. This way of working is systems thinking.

A change does not impact one component only. It affects the system.

Check the system and see if and how it works.

Nutrition influences hormones.

Focus on the priority and get the behaviors to match it consistently.

Despite popular belief, priority does not know a plural form.

And remember, solutions for Mars may prove to work against a resolution for Venus.

Always check and make decisions based on the outcomes you witness.

Don't struggle on your own.

Here's help with your health journey.