This is What You Need to Know about The 7 Steps to Freedom

Freedom is essential.

Experiencing freedom is what counts.

Talking and writing about it helps you identify its feelings.

Freedom is diverse, and it means many things for different people.

How about a sense of independence to choose your path with joy and energy?

Freedom is the goal to make choices that set you up for a superb health journey.

Freedom allows you to feel so well that you can forget about your health and pursue your dreams in the here and now and in the cumulative lifestyle over time. Freedom is not a step. It's not about a second, a minute, or an hour of your life. It's about the liberty to add life to your years, knowing that you consciously build years for your life.

How do you achieve that feeling and experience of freedom from the ground up?

Let's get real. What's the price for a solid health foundation for life? It's the cost of consistent and where possible automatic effort and dedication for your body, mind, and sp[irit. Cover the basics first, your food, exercise, stress, and recovery.

This is what you need to know about the seven steps to freedom.

Step 1: What is your vision for optimal health?

Start with thinking about your vision of optimal health. What does optimal health look like for you? How do you feel, what you experience, your joy and energy levels? How hard do you want to exercise and perform in your daily activities? Please write it down and do a few reruns to refine it until it feels right for you.

Step 2: Where are you now in your health journey?

This is about doing an assessment to obtain a reference point on where you are now. The evaluation is as much about quality as about quantity. Don't think only in figures. Leave the thoughts about key performance indicators out. It's much more important to listen to your biofeedback and check the marks of how you feel right now.

Step 3: Where is your dot on the health horizon?

Think about what you want to achieve on your journey. Remember, this is far more about the process than about the result. You need to get to enjoy every step of the way, and every milestone you pass to make your health journey sustainable. The results? They will come once you focus on the joy of your health journey.

Step 4: What are the actions you can define to get there?

Here you get to create your specific action plan to move forward step by step. An action plan suggests an orientation towards results. That is not the case. Frame your action plan to define the steps that will make you happy on the long term.

Step 5: What does executing the action plan look like?

There is no achievement without work. And to create solid and sustainable progress, you will need to invest in the disciplined and consistent execution of the steps you have just designed.

Step 6: How do you evaluate your health journey?

Evaluate how you feel and where you are against the qualitative and quantitative targets that you set out to achieve. This is the moment to take a good look in the mirror and give yourself an accurate and valuable check-up.

Step 7: What is the next step of your health vision?

This is where you get to keep the momentum going. Here you get to realize once again that what counts is the joy and energy you put in the process. Your input determines the quality of your health journey and its long-term results.

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