Fresh on the Mind: Here is How to Get Optimal Health Now

For the first time, you are thinking about your health. It's time to get better. You've had enough. All the other things aside, you know you increasingly feel sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time. These are defining moments in one's life. Whether that is about health, your career, your life at large, or a project you are currently working on.

There is power in the moment of having enough. Capitalize that, and you'll get a jumpstart in whatever you are trying to achieve. Lots of fantastic innovations and useful solutions come from intense frustrations and emotions that have been running high. You know that.

Your health is the most crucial aspect of your life.

How about a blueprint of how to change your health for the better?

Take advantage of this moment, right here and right now.

Fresh on the mind: here is how to get optimal health now.

So, let's cut through the chase.

Food, exercise, and recovery are the essential ingredients for optimal health.

Is it unusual? Ar they the discovery of the century? No. Not at all. But they matter.

And it's about your long-term health journey that can build the pathway to success.

Every meal counts.

Nutrition delivers a crucial contribution to your health. Let's go for the 80% here.

It pays off to become aware of your meals and make conscious choices.

Choose WFPB and experiment on purpose: enjoy the food.

Here's how to start: enlarge your WFPB meal content. How do you do that? Start your meals by adding and eating vegetables or legumes first. Eat at least a piece of fruit every day. See how you feel and adjust your meals for a little WFPB progress every day.

Exercise every day. Move.

Fitness is your friend. Why is that? Because it adds the missing 20% to your health journey.

What is that? Exercise keeps your body in shape, maintains your muscle, and adds value to your physical and mental health.

Every physical activity counts. And consistency is key.

A walk? A workout routine? Whatever makes you move and keep going is worth it.

Start with a short walk. And make it longer in time. Walk every day.

A push-up a day is a fine addition. Do it see how you can make progress.

There are many push-up variations. You can add volume and frequency too.

And try a plank. That's also a whole body exercise that's easy and effective to do.

Get the sleep you need. And meditate.

Let's do the math now. 80% nutrition and 20% fitness count to 100% health.

That's true. But as it happens in your life, we take recovery and sleep for granted.

Recovery is quite often underestimated. You never give it a second thought.

Why is that? Nobody wants to sleep more, with exceptions. You are busy.

Sleep? Give me a break. Think about it. The last things on your mind are sleep and meditation.

But you know what?

Nutrition has to be there. Exercise is necessary too.

Your recovery makes the difference between health and optimal health.

It's the essential mechanism that adds everything together to keep you sane.

Go for gold and make your sleep and meditation part of your pro-active recovery.

Here's how to start. Sleep more, to begin with. Become aware of your sleep quality and quantity. Check out how to progress with both. And start with a practice of meditation.

A few minutes of mindfulness daily go a long way.

Start a morning routine with meditation. Or add mindfulness to your pre-sleep routine.

Want to know more about optimal health?

Here is where to start your health journey: get in touch now.

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