Habit-based Coaching, You Know When You don't Know

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Breaking a habit is not easy. Think of going to the gym instead of watching another episode on Netflix. Creating a new pattern is difficult too. Consider eating healthy foods on a consistent basis. It doesn't matter whether you come from the left or you come from the right. Habits are a significant part of your everyday life. They become the sleeping giant that shapes your life on automatic pilot. Imagine the power of habit-based coaching to guide your health journey.

Habits work on automatic pilot

Imagine doing something good every day for the rest of your life. I will make you feel fantastic. Doing good gives meaning to life. It sets an example for others. You will make others feel valued and appreciated. Your contribution will grow every day. The benefits of the "movement for good" will increase compound interest in areas that you can't even begin to imagine. How about automating doing good for life? How would you feel about doing right by design? Habits work on the automatic pilot. You know when you don't.

Habit-based coaching and learning build a lifetime of achievement

Here's a very intriguing study about habit-based learning. The study involved the voluntary participation of two people with severe amnesia and memory impairment. They performed a series of simple object discrimination tasks.

The researchers observed that throughout weeks of repetitions the participants were able to make the correct choice with increasing accuracy. The ability to identify the right object was on automatic pilot. What's more interesting, the participants were not able to explain why they arrived at 95% and 100% accuracy. Again, you know when you don't know.

"Humans clearly can acquire and retain knowledge through repetition. This also reminds us that we have this habit learning system that's working all the time behind the scenes, independently shaping who we are and how we behave, in addition to our conscious learning system.", said the researchers. Build simple habits for your health journey.

How to build healthy habits

Start with a big dream and choose with your heart. You want to feel passionate about it.

Break this dream down into small pieces that can be done one at a time.

Choose the first part and score your readiness, willingness, and ability to change for it.

Be open, honest, and vulnerable. Look for the highest score of the scale.

Anything lower than the highest figure of the scale is a hint of breaking that first piece into smaller parts until you score highest and feel that this step is too easy to achieve.

Do this step and deliver on this piece on a consistent basis every day of the week.

Make it impossible to break the chain of habit by ticking a box every time it's done.

Consider this piece of the puzzle done when you are on automatic pilot and have demonstrated on-going automated processing of this step, no matter what.

Repeat with the next piece and continue to do so until you complete the puzzle and achieve your big dream.

Habit-based coaching and learning are critical to sustaining your lifetime of achievement.

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