The Health Journey Skills You Need to Vaporize Fear now

Health is not an easy book to read. You know when you feel great. Are you healthy?

Health is an essential but intangible asset. You want it. But don't know when you have it. Taking healthy things for granted is just around the corner. Achieving and preserving a healthy state is far from an automatic pilot. It takes hard work. Why? Because you have a family, friends, and dreams. And you need a solid foundation for life.

Health is never a result. It is about the journey to your dreams.

Is a journey like a vacation trip?

We associate a Journey the most with vacations, maybe with an adventure. A business trip may do too. Every journey is almost always something we actively engage in.

We want to enjoy it. A vacation? Then, by all means, we want a fantastic experience.

How about your health journey?

That's a much different story. First, it is a thing you are mostly unconsciously engaged with daily. How come? Well, you started this journey a long time ago.

When? Well, close to your birth, and some argue even before. Now it just goes on.

And it brings us an individual experience on our way to a destination.

Where are you going? That's an excellent question.

So, let's compare a personal health journey with a vacation or a business trip.

Let's make a safe assumption right from the start. Your health journey has not been designed with a particular purpose in mind. You got in your car and drive, without having chosen for a specific destination, without having booked anything, without any idea whether it is going to be a fantastic experience or a bumpy ride. The right direction? No.

Would you go on this journey if your travel agency would give it away for free?

Can you imagine that you do this with your body and overall health daily?

Take control.

Make a different choice.

Design your health journey to reach your destination.

Here are a few questions to support you with your personal set-up:

What is your life's purpose? What are your dreams in the build-up of your goal?

How can you support your body, mind, and spirit in this endeavor?

What can you do to enjoy the journey on purpose?

Making a choice to start a conscious and personal health journey is not easy.

It can be overwhelming. Confused about food? What workout do I need and how often?

Wait, there is more. The mindset is the most important. Where do you start?

Here are the health journey essentials to vaporize your fears.

Body: Do you really love your body?

Your body is the most fantastic machine ever invented. It is through your body that you get to experience everything. Start with becoming aware of your body, of what it does for you, and start respecting it, loving it, training it, and feeding it everything it needs and right into your path of achievement. Your body will always support your dreams.

What can you do right now for your body?

Take a minute every day in the morning to be grateful for your body.

Mind: Do you really make up your mind?

Focusing your mind creates high awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Making choices and acting in an aware state and on purpose is what helps to build your dream life by design. Choosing a mindset of achievement will undoubtedly move you miles closer to both getting there and enjoying the process. And it certainly helps to train your mind and for that matter your brain to sustain your efforts.

What can you do right now for your mind?

Create instant focus by asking a question about what's your purpose In life.

Spirit: Do you really have a Purpose?

Is doing good in your everyday life a higher purpose? You bet it is. And it gives a beautiful meaning to your life. It shapes your very fabric to be an exceptional human being. Living your purpose and searching for a deep sense of self offers the passion and inspiration to move heaven and earth with energy and fulfillment. Your mission and profound self-awareness help you overcome the most difficult of times with ease.

What can you do right now for your purpose?

Write your real purpose in life in a world where everything is possible.

Elegant Fitness: Do you really feel like elite athlete fit?

Being physically fit is key to your ability to live life to its fullest. Working out has superb positive effects and feeds your body, mind, and spirit with the optimal energy to move freely and effectively on your journey. Exercise is paramount to achieving your peak performance when and where desired. It just feels incredible to be the champion you know you can be. Elegant Fitness takes the perfect form to the most effective personal workouts.

What can you do right now for your Elegant Fitness?

Make a start with doing basic push-ups with perfect form every day.

Complete Nutrition: Do you really enjoy food & feel energized?

Enjoying food makes sure that the necessary nutrients are much better absorbed in the body. Complete Nutrition provides the fuel for you to be able to run, to be healthy, to think clearly, to support your crucial life connections. In doing so, it ultimately feeds your own success blueprint. This is not about a diet. Complete Nutrition is about choosing a food strategy that serves your unique personality and purpose. It adds consistent joy and engages you with the whole experience around it.

What can you do right now for your Complete Nutrition?

Eat plant-based, with a healthy mix of vegetables, legumes, fruits. nuts and seeds.

Key takeaways:

Get moving to start your personal health journey.

Break it down into its core elements of body, mind, and spirit (purpose and meditation.

Fuel and support your health journey with elegant fitness and complete nutrition.

Let your imagination the free hand and write a few minutes about how you envision the essentials of your health foundation. Why would you choose these health essentials for your dreams? Write these thoughts and reflections down and read them at least a few times over. Make sure they are deeply anchored in your being. in your feelings, emotions, and in your passion for reaching your highest potential.

These are the first real steps on your personal health journey.

Do you remember your most awesome journey?

Of course, you remember it. And you can recall it with its full scale of sounds, feelings, color images, flavors, locations, and people. Reflect for a few seconds on this picture. Why has this experience become a dream?

How can you imagine it back so vividly and at the snap of a finger?

Switch your mind to your health journey.

What would your body, mind, and spirit (purpose) look like to be a dream come true?

What about your supporting Elegant Fitness and Complete Nutrition?

Remember, it is not about the destination. This is about the journey.

It is always about being on the journey and about pursuing journey excellence.

Want to learn more?

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