Yes! The Diet for a Healthy Lifestyle.

How do you show up today?

What message do you want to get out about you?

What can you do to craft your message to represent your true value?

Research shows that health is the real foundation for personal development.

A diet is a pill that creates confusion. A healthy lifestyle choice builds character.

Healthy and active habits built up over time? Confusion and misinformation?

If you want to be healthy, do not even think about a diet. Ask yourself some tough questions as to your motivation and the level of hard work you are ready, willing, and able to put in. Be honest with yourself. You already know that consistently doing the whole healthy job builds lifestyle character. Go for a lifelong health journey.

The diet for a healthy lifestyle is a permanent string of healthy habits.

The Best Diet is No diet at all.

The very definition of diets brings up food restriction on a regular basis for medical reasons or to lose weight. Therapeutic diets are literally viewed as medicine and are rapidly set apart. The vast majority of people think of foods outside of the medical realm. Diets in this context bring up self-imposed restrictions over a full range of aspects of life and have a negative impact on almost everything concerning body, mind, and spirit.

Diets are not sustainable and do far more damage than good. Here's a short list of science and research to back up what you intuitively already know.

The only diet you need is a permanent string of healthy habits.

That is called a healthy lifestyle. Become aware of it, accept it, and design your health journey to accommodate a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

Sure, if you equate a diet to a lifestyle, then, by all means, count me in.

That is what the Mayo Clinic Diet does.

Build success with a consistent habit-based lifestyle.

There is a quote I enjoy a lot. It has been attributed to Aristotle by mistake.

The author of the famous words is Will Durant:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

This is the sound power of habits. Why do you do this? Sorry, the force of habit.

Do you want to learn and live your life with healthy habits?

Welcome to your personal health journey.

Moving into the right direction requires a conscious effort to connect the dots giving to come out near the finish line, one healthy habit at the time. Your health journey is the permanent string of healthy habits. It is a lifestyle because it includes a collection of never-ending habits for body, mind, and spirit.

Form new habits by first becoming aware of your existing ones.

Show up with intent to act to create situations where you can get rid of the old habits. Do not buy potato chips if you know that you will eat them if you find them in your home. Do the same to create the potential for new, healthy habits. Get healthy groceries to give yourself a better chance to eat healthy. It is not easy to break old, bad habits and to create, new, healthy habits.

Wait, there is more. Habits are hard work with commitment. And there is a reward.

Regular exercise has been linked to better eating habits.

Accountability has been known to work with creating and keeping and healthy habits.

Read more about sustainable, healthy habits.

Want to make healthy habits stick? Get on board.