How to Really Conquer a Breakthrough Kitchen Makeover?

Sports is a fantastic life metaphor.

It is a stunning rollercoaster of athletes and emotions.

Imagine the moments just before the start of an athletics race.

Did you prepare and visualize yourself as the winner of the race for a million times?

Then, the joy, the talent, and excitement come free and are joined into explosive energy.

Kitchen makeover? That's your preparation for the start of your health journey.

Make a smart choice for complete nutrition and allow for the best daily jumpstart.

1. Ask permission & Check Mindset and Emotions

Make sure you ask permission before you start thinking about a kitchen makeover.

Yes, do that also at home. It's okay if you are an honored "guest" in the kitchen.

Be kind and ask for permission.

A kitchen makeover is a mental and emotional change.

Free up time and space together to sync mindset and emotions. Do it multiple times.

You are going to find out that there are lots of untold stories with vivid memories and feelings linked to everything in the kitchen. Yes, everything.

Enjoy quality time together with lots of colorful images and strong emotions.

Check the change iceberg has come above the water line in the kitchen.

The iceberg? Yes, the things that you can't see, are there and you want to bring up.

Let it melt before your eyes.

2. Define the Playbook & Rules of Engagement

Think together, ahead of the crunch time, about the purpose of the kitchen makeover. What are you trying to achieve?

How do you define healthy and healthy foods as a family?

It is crucial to design a process about the way you are going to make decisions on foods and nutrition.

Is efficiency around the kitchen a goal?

Or is faster cooking or more family time together with your purpose?

Write down the objectives and the criteria you are going to use to make decisions about healthy nutrition. Make a note and agree on how you will compromise and find common ground together. It will keep you going when the stakes get high and emotional.

How are you going to make choices?

What are the criteria for foods that can go? Dr. Greger has traffic lights.

How do you decide what food choices you will tolerate?

And what about the healthy foods and ingredients you want to keep or add?

There are lots of examples and lists you can find.

Here's another one. This is the way Dr. Campbell regulates foods and nutritional traffic..

Spend time together to write the story of the playbook and your rules of engagement.

3. Get the Toolbox ready to go

Bring a few garbage bags and check the availability of organic waste bins.

Get a pen and paper ready to take notes or draw pictures.

4. Clean up the Easy stuff

What is easy material? Think about expired food. It may be right there in the fridge, in cupboards, or in a storage place in the house where you keep foods or ingredients for more extended periods.

Get rid of the "red light" foods.

Now it's the time to create the list of foods that need to go.

They need to go to achieve the purpose you set out to accomplish in previous steps.

Want to become more healthy?

Decide what are the foods that move you in the wrong direction are. Processed foods?

What about foods or any other things that trigger you to get going with unhealthy foods.

5. Make Conscious Decisions for Health

Okay, so you want to become more healthy. That's excellent news.

Here you can have fun with the choice of foods that bring you more health.

How about the "green light" foods list? Yes, fruits and vegetables. What do you all like?

Compromise on the "yellow light" foods.

You have decided to get away from and stop the red stuff.

In some cases, you can imagine green is not everyone's favorite color.

How about a personal health journey as a family where you move step by step?

Green is not stronger or easier than yellow.

Both choices involve emotions, images, tase, sensations, thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Think about what makes you healthy compared to right now.

Define this next action step and go for it.

There is no need to overcomplicate and think light years ahead.

Habits are formed with action on purpose one committed step at a time, remember?

6. Have Fun with New stuff for Joy and Energy

You have all come a long way. It's time to have some fun. Check your purpose and how far you are together with achieving it. High-five the good life. The next step here is to realize that a kitchen makeover is not only about what needs to go.

There are lots of foods that can be brought in.

How about trying out new foods and ingredients?

What do you think of a new blender?

Your purpose is key. Here you can try shifting the order of things. You can think of the way you prepare the food and the way you cook. How can you arrange everything so that you make and cook faster? How can you re-design stuff to spend more quality time together? Do I hear you considering beautiful, slow music in the background and actually talk to each other without the help of the TV?

The fun options are only limited by your imagination.

You can brainstorm together and come up with new choices and experiments.

Moreover, take this opportunity to experiment and come up with fresh inspiration.

Go for joy and energy and set up less stress around food and eating by design.

That is a fantastic step for your health journey.

7. Create the Amazing Image of Winning the Race

You are done.

The kitchen makeover is there to stay.

All of you have spent quite some time and are happy with the results.

You realize how much this will help you to achieve your health objectives with intent.

Celebrate. You deserve it.

Get creative with pictures, video, and everything that can record your success.

Make sure you engrave the journey with all its images, feelings in your mind.

Write the thrilling story of your new kitchen to remember it.

A Kitchen Makeover is incredible.

It is the perfect step to set up your health journey with a jumpstart.

And it is a strong foundation to take advantage of habit-based learning.

Food and nutrition habits are the health essentials that guarantee results.

More help?

100 Health Journeys is your practical guide to a healthy foundation for life.