The Jackpot Makeover Magic that will Actually Make You Better

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

There is always magic in a makeover.

You hit the jackpot with a transformational change.

That is the change that will create a blueprint to make you better.

Your kitchen makeover? That's the smart move before a fantastic health journey.

Make the easy choice for the jackpot makeover magic that will actually make you better.

Here is how to hit the jackpot of your kitchen makeover.

Ask permission & Check Mindset and Emotions

Start small and at the very beginning. Make sure you ask permission before you start thinking about a kitchen makeover. Yes, do that also at home. It can get emotional before you know it. It's okay if you are an "honored guest" in the kitchen. That is fine, even if you are alone.

Be kind, and ask for permission first.

A kitchen makeover is a mental and emotional change. Free up time and space together to sync mindset and emotions. Do it multiple times. Take your time and have a look at little things and details. You are going to find out that there are lots of untold stories with vivid memories and feelings linked to everything in the kitchen.

Enjoy quality time together with lots of colorful images and strong emotions.

Define the Playbook & Rules of Engagement

Think together, ahead of the crunch time, about the purpose of the kitchen makeover.

What are you trying to achieve? How do you define healthy foods as a family? It is crucial to start with the purpose of the kitchen. Is it being efficient? Or is it to enjoy more quality time together as a family also a goal? How about decision-making around foods and meals?

Write down the objectives and the criteria you are going to use to make decisions about healthy nutrition. Make a note and agree on how you will compromise and find common ground together. It will keep you going when the stakes get high and emotional. And make no mistake about it, nutrition is the emotion before anything else.

What are the criteria for foods that can stay or go? Dr. Greger has traffic lights.

How do you decide what common ground food choices you will tolerate? And what about the healthy foods and ingredients you want to keep or add? Here's another example.

This is the way Dr. Campbell regulates foods and nutritional traffic.

Enjoy time together to write the story of the kitchen playbook and your rules of engagement.

The Toolbox and the Clean-up

Master chefs have their tools. What do you need to achieve your purpose? Easy does it. Bring a few garbage bags and check the availability of organic waste bins. Get a pen and paper ready to take notes or draw pictures. What is easy, and you can do right away?

Now it's the time to create the list of foods that need to go. Do you want optimal health? You may want to get rid of the "red light" foods. Think about expired food. It may be right there in the fridge, in cupboards, or in a storage place in the house where you keep foods or ingredients for more extended periods.

You may want to go even further. How about stress? Decide about the foods that move you in the wrong direction. Processed foods? What about foods or any other things that trigger you to get going with unhealthy meals? If it's there, chances are you won't resist temptation.

Make Conscious Decisions for Health

Okay, so you want to become more healthy. That's excellent news.

Here you can have fun with the choice of foods that support your health journey.

How about the "green light" foods list? Yes, fruits and vegetables. What do you all like?

You have decided to get away from and stop the red stuff. In some cases, you know that green is not everyone's favorite color. Okay. How about yellow or yellow light foods? Green is not faster or better than yellow. Both choices involve emotions, images, sensations, thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Think about what makes you healthy compared to right now. That's your objective. and it comes with guidelines and consequences. Define this next action step and go for it. There is no need to overcomplicate and think light years ahead. Habits are formed with action on purpose, one committed step at a time. Go slow.

Have Fun with New stuff for Joy and Energy

You have all come a long way. It's time to have more fun. Check your purpose and how far you are got together with achieving it. The next step here is to realize that a kitchen makeover is not only about what needs to go. There are lots of foods that can be brought in.

How about trying out new foods and ingredients? What do you think of a new blender?

Your purpose is essential. Here you can try shifting the order of things. You can think of the way you prepare the food and the way you cook. How can you arrange everything to cook faster? How can you re-design to spend more quality time together?

Do I hear you considering beautiful, slow music in the background and actually talk to each other without the help of the TV? Food is freedom. How about the meal experience? The fun options are only limited by your imagination. You can brainstorm together for new choices and experiments. Make sure you enjoy the journey.

Create the Amazing Image of Winning the Race

Take a moment to realize how much this will help you to achieve optimal health. 

Celebrate. You deserve it. Get creative with pictures, videos, and everything that can record your winning game. Make sure you engrave the journey with all your images, flavors, and emotions. Write the thrilling story of your new kitchen to remember it.

And remember, this is not a one-time event.

A kitchen makeover is incredible. It can be the perfect station to get your health journey going with a jumpstart. And it is a strong move to take advantage of habit-based learning.

Food habits are the health essentials for lasting results.

More help? 100 Health Journeys is your practical guide to a solid health foundation for life.

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