How to Maximize Your Limited Elegant Fitness Time

You are a busy professional, with a hugely important career at home or in an office.

Almost everything is going on very well in your life. Wait, there is something.

Fitness is a screeching voice in your head that keeps bothering you.

It bugs you because you know you're supposed to move. It's good for you.

It's healthy, I know. Hey, finding time is a challenge everyone can relate to.

There is no way you can get time to exercise.

What if there is a way to start your personal health journey with exercise?

You don't have time, and it sounds familiar. Let's see what we can do.

How Can You Maximize Your limited Elegant Fitness time that you do have?

First, think about your Purpose for exercise.

What is your purpose for exercise? Why do you want to spend time for it?

Take five minutes and write down what your thoughts and feelings are about why you are willing to move, even if it for only a few minutes. Make sure you come up with specific and personal reasons that are meaningful for your heart and soul. The stronger the emotional and rational arguments that form the foundation of your reasoning the more significant the chance you will act.

Second, schedule time for Elegant Fitness.

Have you noticed what happens with essential things? They get done.

Somehow you find a way to squeeze them in. You fight for something important.

Do you check the time it takes to do essential things? Yes, you do. You just know.

And you keep doing it, regardless of the time they take. Why is that?

Well, because they matter to you.

If exercise matters to you, then you schedule time. I know you are busy. We all are.

We are not talking about impossible hours here. Start small and think in minutes.

Schedule 5 minutes for your exercise today. Get your personal commitment to go for it.

Imagine already making the most out of those minutes. Remember, you have a purpose and limited time. You want to get moving soon and see tangible results.

Quality, joy, and intensity are essential for your personal progress.

Third, get workouts to match purpose and frequency

Still busy? Okay, here's where we go.

Now that we have a purpose and we have scheduled a time to exercise we need to find out how to best start spending those minutes. We need to come up with a workout that can get you results within the scope of your purpose and committed time.

The best thing to do? Get a coach to help set-up a personal program for you.

Next best? Do research and get the best possible fitness match by yourself to exercise safely. Every purposeful and safe movement is better than no exercise at all, even a few minutes. Check out the activities, make sure you understand the actions and their safe execution, at home or in the gym.

Remember your purpose? I went to the gym the other day, and the place was crawling with people. I don't know about you, but during my exercise breaks, I notice people, machines and their interaction. I saw people that came to the gym to exercise. There were also lots of people coming to the gym for everything else, but to apply. Nothing wrong with both groups. They all have a purpose, have scheduled time, and move on it.

What's your purpose? Focus on it and act on it like you really mean it.

Elegant Fitness starts with Perfect Form

We have a purpose, we have limited time, and we have found a workout that we can safely execute. We also made sure that it matches our goal and allocated time.

Everything has been set up, and it now becomes a matter of doing.

One thing is essential here. Elegant Fitness is about perfect form.

Make a smart choice to learn the perfect and safest exercise form first. Begin with consistent form mastery before you load up with weights or intensity.

Weights or intensity are more accessible and safer to add when you own good exercise form. Stick to the exercise routine and, gradually, increase the weight and intensity.

Go for consistency, time after time after time.

Purpose, safety, form, and consistency will maximize results for your exercise time.

Want more help?

Don't struggle on your own. There is a personal Health Journey waiting for you.