How to Make your Awesome Meal Solution Better with a Proven Hack

A system is something that has been proven to work.

The human body is maybe the best example of a system at work.

A specific body part has a function, whether that's your heart or your liver.

The fantastic stuff is that it all works together to support your health journey.

Think about it and consider your daily proof: food.

Your nutrition system processes every meal without fail.

How about what comes in, the results, and the lessons learned?

So what's the food, your joy, and energy levels, and how do you feel?

You are a living system that learns every day based on inputs, outputs, and biofeedback.

How can we improve the way we look and feel to enjoy a solid foundation for life?

Here's the thing: he better we are in tune with our body, the more we thrive.

It comes down to making smart food choices and listening to your body.

How to make your excellent meal solution better with a proven hack?

Model a nutrition system that works and stick to choices for optimal health.

And here's how: adopt a WFPB traffic light system and move forward with ease.

You walk down the street, and you have already learned the traffic light system. We know from an early age that red means stop, yellow gets you to pay attention, and you can safely move forward with green. It is a proven system that works for all of us. How can we learn from this and model our meals to eat safely and healthy while supporting our health journey?

Let's get real about enjoying optimal health.

Check out this safe and easy WFPB traffic light system.

Move forward with these green foods.

Vegetables, legumes, fruits. whole grains, spices, water, green tea.

Pay attention to the yellow foods.

Minimally processed foods and drinks, nuts and seeds

Stop the red foods.

Refined foods and drinks plus animal protein (meat,dairy, and eggs).

Here's one more thing we need to realize when talking about food and nutrition.

Forget all about supplements, except for B12 and D3 (if you miss sunshine).

Optimal health is a system.

It's the system of your long-term health journey.

Work on it every day and make smart food and meal choices.

Follow the proven WFPB traffic light system and reap its prevention benefits.

It supports you and your body, and it helps you develop a healthy lifestyle solution.

Want to know more about your optimal nutrition solution?

Reach out right here, and let's make sure you can enjoy healthy freedom.