The First Mind Edge You Need to Boost Your Fitness Now

Research has shown that the lockdown has made us less active than before.

A surprise? No. The automatic walks and gym time went down big time.

Staying at home during the lockdown and even now is a smart choice.

Does it help to prevent a serious health hazard? Yes, you bet.

How about your muscles, figure, and fitness levels?

They all take a hit and need consistent effort.

So, what can you do to move your body forward?

Here's the first mind edge you need to boost your fitness now.

Think about what you can do instead of regretting what's not available.

Your body is everything you need. Bodyweight exercises come to the rescue.

Make a smart choice to benefit your whole body fitness, and you are good to go.

Really? That's it. No. That's good, but it's never going to last for you. Here's that crucial choice that helps master negotiators close a deal. They know and use the fact that you are six times more likely to make a deal with a person you like. So they get you to love the person first. The best way to be successful with your fitness is to see physical movement and exercise as allies. This will help you thrive in the long term.

How does this help compared to the popular belief of looking at a mountain of unsurpassable guilt barriers that make you feel unhappy and under the pressure of a bleak future image of yourself? You can almost feel the answer. When establishing exercises part of your support network, you will be far more receptive to take decisive action and to observe its progress.

Let's get real. What's your goal? Your goal is to experience joy and energy in your health journey. Forget the results. Focus on the process ,and the results will come. And that makes all the difference in the world. Want to learn more? Get into active learning on purpose with previous blog posts.

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