Want to Know what happens with this Awesome Diet Hoax?

Think about a colleague at work that is smoking for years. You tell him, smoke in moderation.

Imagine you have a problem with drinking alcohol. Someone says, drink in moderation.

How about nutrition and moderation? Your friend suffers from emotional eating.

Emotions and stress can create powerful triggers for unconscious eating.

Are you part of the problem? Is the solution eating in moderation?

You can guess what happens with this awesome diet hoax.

No food issues at all? Great. Make a conscious choice.

Choose the foods that serve your purpose.

There is no need for moderation.

Have you ever grabbed some food on the automatic pilot? How do you know?

It doesn't matter what foods you eat if you are not aware of the choice.

Chances are poor choices are made, and that will frustrate you.

Your health will suffer, and the pain builds up over time.

Pain in moderation? There's got to be a new choice.

Become aware of the foods you eat on a daily basis

There is always more choice available than you think. What's the good news? You can choose.

The first step is to become aware of the foods you choose. Here's an easy way to find that out. Take an hour of your time and write down the inventory of your kitchen and pantry.

Pretend you are the business owner of your food. No judgment, just writing.

Take a good look at the list of foods and see if it serves your purpose.

Validate and match food to your purpose

What is your purpose? What is it that you want to achieve with your health?

Is it permanent weight loss? Do you want to become elite athlete fit?

Or is it more joy and pure lean energy throughout the day?

Does your food validate and match your purpose?

If yes, cool. If not, take the first step to change.

Design your health journey

Your purpose will determine the blueprint of your health journey. Start simple. How do you achieve success? Leave any diet moderation out of the equation. Choose to achieve your purpose. Add food or take food out of your current list. That's your first step.

Difficult? Check your purpose. How does it feel?

Remember, this is not about the best diet or diet moderation.

You are going to make consistent progress to validate and match your purpose.

Consistent food action with a specific purpose creates the power of your healthy habits.

Diet Moderation? No, not at all. Connect your health journey to support freedom of habits.

Moderation with food is dead

Success in moderation? How about health in moderation?

Make a conscious choice to achieve your purpose and go for it.

Match your food to your dreams, and make sure you take consistent action.


Good foods? Or bad foods? No, only the foods you choose.

Your choice matters. Food and nutrition matter to you and your purpose..

Looking for freedom with food habits?

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