How to Crush your Need for Survival with One Fantastic Step

Do you know what your first need is?

Maslow's pyramid says our primary need is oxygen, food, drink, sleep, and shelter.

I know the current Coronavirus brings up endurance first, more than ever.

We became aware of oxygen and breathing with the magnitude of lightning speed.

But you know what? Survival has never been enough.

Your health journey moves far beyond the years of your life.

It's about the life in your years. The essentials? Food, drink, and sleep.

How to crush your need for survival with one fantastic step?

Are you ready? It's freedom with habits.

Let's talk about food. No matter the calories, no matter the quantity, no matter who or where you are, your meals have to be a conscious choice for health. Think about it. You have to enjoy food, like its experience, get energy, feel good, and do so consistently. One more thing, you need to know you get the nutrients that get your body to thrive.

Here's your automatic food pilot to accomplish that: WFPB.

Do you enjoy a drink? I bet you weren't thinking of water as the answer to this question.

But you know what? Optimal life makes water essential in so many ways. It gets you to peak physical performance, it influences your energy and cognition levels. Does it get any better? Yes, it does. Water helps you get rid of toxins and refreshes your entire body. Drink water daily to lubricate your freedom.

Stress builds up over time. It sneaks in without any notice. Here's a question: what are the proven results of your performance at home and at work? Can you trust yourself to relax enough for your level of physical, mental, and spiritual effort? Try again. No. Recovery makes your quality of life sustainable. You need consistent sleep, quality, and quantity.

All together, these three elements of the system are incredibly useful. Why? Because they all contribute to the foundation of freedom. You make conscious choices about food, drink, and sleep and know that you build your health immunity. Chances are your health becomes automatic and unconscious. That is when you know you are thriving.

Want to learn more about freedom with habits?

And why it's at the heart of your health journey? Get in touch.