Strong emotions to never quit. Ever!

You have a dream. Your dream generates a fantastic feeling in your body. It powers up your mind and spirit to experience triumph. It creates an emotion of desire that you didn't know existed. You feel new levels of strength and energy to move mountains to achieve your dream. Every fiber of your body is aligned and in position to help you against all the odds. The first challenges are coming up. What does it take to get there?

Cherish your "Why" emotions. They create your power of determination.

A dream is a superb mountaintop in the horizon.

It brings up feelings and emotions, thoughts, and it challenges you to act on it. You want a particular change, maybe getting elite athletic fit or being healthy to see and experience the world. Whatever your dream may be, it will inspire you to build the most effective path to achieve it.

The question of self-discovery.

Chances are you will be tested in multiple and unexpected situations. Your resolve and determination are essential for your path and mindset of achievement. It is not a question if challenges or tough times will be coming up. It is sure you will encounter difficult periods on your journey.

The real test becomes the reality of a competition where your desire to prevail and conquer obstacles will empower you to create a successful outcome. You will explore and discover the fundamental reasons behind your dream. It will come down to your resolve and determination to win the test of time during your journey.

The power of emotions creates a strong determination.

You have a reason as to why you want to achieve your dream. This reason is accountable if you are to overcome your life's significant bumps n the road. It helps to build a strong emotional base around your purpose. This base forms a fantastic defense to overcome whatever your journey throws at you. The stronger the emotions you can link to your "why" the higher your power to move heaven for your dreams.

The 12 steps to my determination for 100 Health Journeys.

I remember a few emotional scenes out of the movie "Men of Honor," with the "12 steps" as the closing scene and the pinnacle of determination. Check it out and feel that resolve. That's the emotional fortress behind my commitment to help you enjoy a fantastic health foundation for life.

What's your emotional power behind your commitment to health?

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