Before You Forget, here is the Supplement You Need to Know

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Supplements are an easy target. Why? Because we are always looking for a quick fix.

When was your last encounter with a pill, a tablet, a capsule, or a magic powder?

Exactly. That's relatively recent. And I am not talking about medication at all.

There is definitely something to say about how it feels when you address the problem.

It feels good. But it's a false sensation and an illusion of expecting better results.

Is it sustainable? You can take a pill or a powder for the rest of your life.

That's easy. But what are the effects on your health journey?

Here is what happens when you get into supplements.

You stop making an honest effort for real change and improvement.

It creates a habit that will keep you a prisoner to the illusion of progress.

And most of all, it won't help you with anything, except a constant feed of losses.

This is what happens when you realize the cumulative effects of automatic illusions.

I am sure you watch lots of movies in your lifetime. The difference with a supplement?

You know that the movie creates a story that may or may not be accurate.

The movie is over, and you can separate it from reality.

What happens then? You think about, learn from it, or dream a while about it.

You move on. A supplement? You hook yourself every day, again and again.

It helps you to escape reality, but it doesn't bring you any real solution.

The real solution? The honest effort that you apply consistently.

How about no supplements at all? Go WFPB step by step.

See how it feels and into that reality more and more.

The difference? Just sense your new reality.

That is how honest effort and real food feel like.

Enjoy renewed flavor and energy to fuel a lifestyle.

This is not a diet. It's real change that makes a difference.

Make this happen and reach your freedom with healthy habits.

Here is one more thing. We know there are exceptions. There always are.

Exceptions confirm the rules. Exceptions? Yes. But let's get real.

Do the basics right first. Establish your fundamentals.

Only then worry about exceptions, if any.

So, leave the supplements aside.

Want to know more about the WFPB change and lifestyle?

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