This is What Happens when You make Complete Nutrition like a Normal Obsession

Complete Nutrition is the Health Journey of a Whole Foods Plant-Based (WFPB) lifestyle. Does it matter? Yes, it does. Of course. But its organic fabric is a different thing.

It is a conscious choice for healthy food thoughts, feelings, behavior, and actions.

This package brings you sustainable health, peace of mind, joy, and energy.

Live your life with passion and determination. Complete Nutrition supports you.

Obsession? The new normal of obsessing with food or health in your life?

No. Making food and health an obsession is never your path to success.

The new normal of obsessing with "good" gets in a with a silent "bad."

Before you know, it is your way of life without notice.

Do you know the feeling of watching something closely to prevent the undesired?

And then, the thing happens anyway? Frustration boils all over the place.

It starts with you paying attention to external cues. And it forgets you.

It? No. This is you creating a false sense and feeling of control.

And it leads to unsafe and unhealthy food choices and life.

Can it go south if the intention is good? Yes, we can.

External cues are beyond your control

Counting calories? Following "rules" to fit into a specific box? What do others think?

I am going to assume this sounds all too familiar. You may be in the middle of it.

You may not even be aware that outside indicators are ingrained in our life.

Difficult to notice? Talking about things running on the automatic pilot.

The intention is good. You are trying to see if you are on the right track. It's about measuring and tracking progress and success. We learn that results are all that counts.

Does it make sense? Can you control your results? What about the long term?

What happens when someone else lifts more weight? Do the looks match the results?

How is this working for you when you do have the results, and nobody cares?

You see, measuring external sources of happiness never quite seem to hit the mark.

Obsessing about outside indicators becomes your new daily course of life.

It doesn't get you inspired. And it doesn't make you feel good in the long term.

Your feelings are not about knowing the facts.

Your body already has everything you need.

Feelings are about you, from inside out. How do you feel about your energy levels or your sleep quality? Energized? You know when you are full of energy. Or not.

And you know if you slept well. You are talking to yourself daily.

What do you say? How inspiring is your self-talk?

Most important: are you having fun on your health journey?

What do you think? Do you enjoy your food choices every day of the week?

Listen to your Inside-out feedback to thrive

The internal cues coming from your body are you. Inside-out feedback makes you feel more flexible. There is no right or wrong or black and white. There is nuance.

Your body's feedback gives you confidence because you feel more choice.

Real control about your health journey and food choices become your reality.

That's what you want, certainly for the long term.

How does that work for you? The answer comes from deep inside you.

And here come the joy, energy, and relaxing peace of mind.

Obsessing about health and food with good intentions tends is about to become the new normal. And it is justified because, hey, it is healthy. Here are the numbers.

Healthy is good, right? Wrong.

The Key Takeaways:

Move over from external indicators to your body's natural feedback system.

And go for the re-launch of the best source of biofeedback: You.

Work 80/20 rule, take 80% as your inside-out perspective.

Want sustainable and healthy food choices?

Here's help with your Complete Nutrition and personal Health Journey.

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