Here is the Greatest Nutrition Insanity that You Need to Destroy

Predictability is the strength of science.

You have specific inputs, and that results in a precise output.

Is nutrition an exact science? Here's how you can look at its predictability.

Do you know what Junk food is? How about healthy diets? Okay, so, you know.

Nutrition is a new science. Learning new stuff doesn't negate what you already know.

And this is not even the greatest nutrition insanity that you need to destroy right away.

No, that's not it. That's about the choice we make to ignore our body completely.

Really? Yes. Take a good look at your daily meals and routine around it.

Our body gets a fuel mix of junk and healthy foods. The 80/20 ratio? You are right.

The crazy thing is that we don't allow what we know about food to prevail.

The nutrition and food insanity you need to destroy?

Eating crap and expecting a superb, healthy body.

Think about your car. Let's say you drive your car on gasoline. You love your car. You know exactly what type of gas to put in to optimize your vehicle. But no, you do something else. You choose a new fuel mix every day. Leaving for work in the morning? Let's get some diesel. Need to do a lunch drive? How about diesel? It works for sure.

Going home? Let's drive by the gas station and fuel the car with clean, pure water.

Insane, right? Exactly. You know your exotic car will stop working pretty fast, won't it?

How do you feed your body? How do you decide what to eat every day?

Is it diesel, gasoline, a splash of water?

This is the biggest nutrition insanity that you need to destroy right now.

You know what they say about garbage, in and out.

Except, this is you and your body.

No desire or need to change your nutrition? Are you sure?

Fine, if you make conscious decisions and you accept the consequences.

The solution? Become aware of your lifestyle and purpose.

Make a start to go for a personal health journey. Choose healthy foods.

Sleep and exercise more. Treat your body at least as if it were your dream car.

Maintain it pro-actively with love and passion. Review your decision-making process.

The next level? Create a lifestyle change.

Want to know more?

Habit-based learning for healthy foods and a personal health journey.