Nutrition is a mountain. Find your path. Create your peak.

Build your own path. Create your personal health journey!

Did you ever ask yourself how you feel about mountains? Chances are you may love mountains from the very beginning, or you love it when you see a beautiful picture of a mountain. You may also feel a mix of admiration and anxiety, charming and mighty linked to something, which seems at least very difficult or even unattainable.

I love mountains a lot and for different reasons. They have something majestic, far, distant, beautiful in their inner peace, and somehow close and warm. Sometimes I feel like just extending my hand a little more would allow me to touch them, to get to know them, to be friends, and to see how much good we can create together by connecting our souls in such an inspirational landscape. This is where the challenge starts. There is a fine line between illusion and reality. Do you keep dreaming of reaching out? Or do you create reality becoming one with your mountains and make a clear choice to create an amazing experience conquering its peaks and your challenges?

I know it's very difficult to let a dream go. I fear letting it go will make it disappear without having any chance to dance with t in a real experience. Sometimes I get hit hard with a true desire to make it happen. I let the dream go and start my personal journey. It is step by step, with ups and downs. There are days where I don't feel or see progress, even if it's there, and you can't miss it. I create my challenge and design my personal journey. My goal becomes enjoying the process. The goal becomes the process, and the process becomes the goal. That's where you can make progress.

Nutrition is a mountain. It is really special what nutrition does for the human body and where it can bring you in terms of performance or just simply how you feel. Complete nutrition helps you reach optimal fitness and health. I can understand why, on the other hand, you may think it is complex, unreachable, maybe an illusion or a distant family member.

It is essential for us to become conscious of the importance nutrition has. We need to understand what complete nutrition means, we need to know about nutrients and nutrient requirements, about the metabolism of nutrition, and for sure about the relationship between nutrition and health and performance. Find your personal path on the nutrition mountain to reach your true potential.

Let me be your nutrition mountain guide and help you on your personal health journey. Forget the mountain and focus on the journey. Let's start with two simple steps about food labels and digestion. Understanding the basics of these steps delivers true value progress in the discovery of the most effective and personal path forward.

Food labels.

There are different regulations depending on the country where you are with respect to food labels, and the required or optional information food producers and sellers have to provide. Ideally, we would like to have a complete food label consisting of nutrition facts referring to the number of calories, the amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, and fat, minerals and vitamins.

The most basic step you can take here is to start looking at the food labels for the foods you buy. No, no, I am not asking you to change anything. At this moment, I am asking you to have a look to see if there is a food label and if yes, to figure out what you are actually buying. Choose a week or two and see what you run into in this context. See what it is and how it feels. I am sure it will make you think, and maybe it will just reveal your next steps on your journey. It is a clear choice, your choice, once you have thought about it.

Very good that we buy food and have seen what the food labels look like. We love to enjoy our food and when we eat we get the digestive process to work. Digestion breaks down food into small parts. Some of these parts stay within the body, are stored, and some parts get out of the body. It is very important to understand that food gets digested, and nutrients get absorbed on a different and personal basis for each one of us. Both digestion and absorption get influenced by a number of factors, such as stress and even our mood. There have been studies showing that enjoying food, being actually happy when and about what we eat results in a completely different nutrient absorption than when we are in bad mood or do not enjoy the food we eat.

There are three steps we can take here in order to influence digestion and absorption in a positive way. First of all, make sure you enjoy the food you eat and do so every time you eat. Second, take your time to enjoy the food. Make a conscious choice here to create a great experience, regardless of where you are. Third, chew the food you eat slowly and thoroughly. Chew, chew, and chew again and again when you eat. I know; nobody counts how many times we chew our food. I am not asking you to. Just make sure you help your body and your health by chewing consciously more than you already do. Fair enough? Chew denser foods more than softer foods. That's it.

Remember, you already are on your health journey, whether you realize it or not. Chances are we want to walk on solid ground when we are on a journey to conquer our own mountains on many different aspects in life. Complete nutrition has a key role to play to enable us to play safe while finding a healthy and effective path to reach our peaks.

What steps can you add to your personal health journey?

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