Will Nutrition Ever Rule the World?

Losing weight is not easy. It is you against the world of man and machine. Food is everywhere. It can become a constant distraction for all your senses. Nutrition is the science and art of food. The simple food choices you make carry visible, tangible and sometimes invisible effects. The consequences are there, whether you feel them or not. Your health journey will tell if your food choices will rule you and your world.

Nutrition is Food. Food is Choice. Active, healthy food decisions rule the world!

Nutrition is food.

Nutrition is food and chaos. It is simple and complex at the same time. Its simplicity gets in the way because it sets you up with an automatic pilot. You eat food, and you think you know where you are going. This is the illusion of feeling normal. I am not young anymore, I am supposed to feel like this. You have reached your destination.

Now step aside, and think. When did I choose this destination? Has it been my choice?

Food is about choice.

In the developed world food is everywhere. We know that food is a basic need. Food is a must for some. You see food as a fantastic opportunity for joy. You can imagine being around family and friends and having fun. You want to feel great, and the food is an essential link to the experience. Food has amazing powers. No, wait, it is a choice. I can choose whatever I want to have for my meals. I have to eat, and I have an opportunity.

Here's the perfect mix for your imagination. If food is a choice, how do I choose?

Nutrition is ruled by the science of choice.

Make a clear choice for health. You know that fruits and vegetables are healthy.

Choose healthy foods. Trying to make a choice? Is it heavy lifting to do so consistently?

Here's at least a fundamental part of the answer. It is about the science of choice.

A choice is a decision. A decision is a conscious choice. Changing "choice" to "decision" brings up different energy to the table. The power of words and the stories we tell ourselves is real. Do you feel the awareness of a decision? You see, that helps already.

Now imagine taking a decision. It requires thought, a goal, options, and an evaluation. In other words, you have a purpose or goals, you think about their importance, see what the possibilities are, lay them out to consider if and how they meet the goals. And choose the preferred option. Later on, you may want to take a look at the original goals, see how they changed and considered future implications for a new choice.

Do you follow the same process when you make food choices? I am reverting back to "choice" because I know you are. We make it easy with food by making taking an option choice instead of a committed decision. These easy food choices determine the destination of our health journey. Imagine going on vacation to Hawaii to wake up in Greenland.

Want to learn more on choice? Here's the book The Paradox of Choice.

Less time available? Here's the TED talk of Barry Schwartz.


Become aware that you make easy choices about food.

Turn your daily food choices into a consistent set of active, healthy food decisions.

Make sure you choose healthy, one little step at a time.

You can change the destination of your health journey to match your goals and allow yourself to rule food and nutrition. Nutrition will rule the world and so will you.

Need more help with nutrition and food choices?

Don't struggle on your own, I am here to help you.

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