How to Make your Fitness Solution Better with the Best Expert Truth

Being more at home doesn't raise our fitness levels. There is less physical effort; however, you look at it, and it shows. If you think about it, you understand it right away. Your food and nutrition pattern hasn't seen any significant change. You move less and, if you were going to the gym before, that's out of the window.

Our health takes the first row, and looking good goes a bit to the back of your mind.

That is the best thing you can do. Now, more then ever, your health journey matters.

But what about your dreams of a toned and well-developed body?

The reality of physique development

You won't ever win a superb physique with fitness over nutrition. Do you know the 80/20 rule? Your diet has an 80% impact on how you look and feel. Got it.

Okay. How can you reasonably invest the 20% fitness effort in your physique?

What is the best expert truth to make your fitness solution better? The rep curve.

The best fitness program takes you into consideration

And makes the program fit you as a whole person. Remember the system analogy? You are a whole unit, and your fitness program is useful to the extent that you can work the system in your specific context. And in doing that for physique development, the volume of work and rep ranges are essential. Developing that athletic, muscular, and toned body requires you to work the rep curve from the beginning to the end in your program. This is not about a single workout. A fitness program consists of a collection of workout routines and is more than the sum of the exercises. The rep curve of 6-20 reps needs to be a well-thought part of the program. This high-level range needs to be broken down into specific segments to take advantage of muscle development, based on your strength and hypertrophy potential. The segmentation is about the 6-8, 8-10, 10-12, 12-15, 15-20 and 20 reps. By involving all of these rep segments into your program and considering different planes and ranges of motion, you'll develop that desired physique look.

You need minimal weights and accessories at home

Make sure your nutrition checks out and put down the work. Without healthy food and a serious effort, you'll get nowhere. Second, get a specific fitness program for you that respects you and the rep ranges, and you will reach a more attractive physique than ever before.

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