How to Start when you think about Proven Weight Loss

I am sure you can think back about situations where you knew something needed change.

You realize there is no discussion in your mind about the reasons why it has to advance.

And still you can pick and choose one thousand hurdles of not taking a single step.

That may come because you only see the difficulty of reaching the final goal.

Often hidden emotions and past experiences come into the play too.

Permanent weight loss fits right into this image of a chalenge.

How do you start?

The start is always the biggest road block you come against.

More planning or additional analysis are the fear of the unknown.

Here's a crazy idea, lose sight of the goal and transform it into a journey.

You know that every journey of a thousand miles starts with taking a single step.

Knowing that brings a state of inner peace for your permanent weight loss journey.

Add fruits and vegetables and eat them first

Make a conscious choice to add fruits and vegetables to your meals. You already do so?

That's great. Add an extra serving and enjoy it with gusto. How does that help?

Fruits and vegetables are a powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients.

They add fiber, and that aides your weight loss journey two-fold.

It's super filling, and it adds healthy bacteria to your gut.

Healthy bacteria set you up for weight loss.

Make a conscious choice to schedule time

Want to lose weight? Show me. Make time available to get into weight loss study.

Get right into your agenda and schedule time to prepare as much as you can.

Does that help? Yes, it does, and in many ways. First, it stays top of mind.

Second, you will gain new and valuable insights about weight loss.

Third, you will get inspired by superb journeys and solutions.

Eat slow and enjoy the food more

Are you in a hurry at lunchtime? Are you eating fast at your desk? Not a clue what you ate?

You don't take food seriously. You place your health low on the scale of importance.

Weight loss a priority? I don't think so. A difference of opinion? That's fine.

Please show me. Eat slowly. Enjoy the food on purpose.

Get in control of your eating habits. Become aware of your food.

How does this make me lose weight? Mindfulness is magic.


Weight loss is never easy. Permanent weight loss is more complicated.

Schedule time, be mindful and eat your fruits and vegetables first.

Transform this big challenge into a weight loss journey.

What have you got to lose? Go for it.

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