This delightful thing is a guaranteed reward

Read and take notes. Reading to learn on purpose is a fantastic exercise for your brain. Enjoy a break from the non-fiction side of life and make a small plunge into enjoying a superb book. Bring your passion or hobby's up and look for a few new research articles or the latest book on the subjects that captivate you.

Relax with a smile.

Reading and learning are a pair of useful keys to your brain. Give yourself the gift of a mindful adventure of self-discovery and personal development.

Looking for the optimal solution for your brain?

Exercise and nutrition are the right mixes that help without any effort.

Food and fitness mastery for your brain are the joy and energy of your health journey.

And here is how to do it.

The three B's for a happy and healthy brain

Beats are often overlooked in the supermarket. Do a test and stand aside to see how many people actually get beets for their groceries. I've done it, and it blew my mind. Beets are a superfood, they contain lots of antioxidants, clean toxins, and stimulate healthy blood flow. Beets are a superbly nutritious food for your brain.

Broccoli, like blueberries and goji berries, is a personal favorite. This little green brain food is fuel for your memory. It is full of fiber, vitamins, and it contains the antioxidants and macronutrients you need in a natural and balanced mix of cognitive power.

What are the dangers of broccoli? Let's put it to the Nutrition Facts test.

Berries are among the highest antioxidant foods on the planet. Choose and enjoy blueberries, raspberries, and goji berries, to name just a few. They all work wonders to keep your brain happy, healthy, and well-energized.

Blueberries are your guaranteed reward for the brain.

Goji berries are the master of brain anti-oxidation and immunity.

Fitness is a smart choice for cognitive power

All fitness exercises are good for your health, and they help your brain too.

Exercise is brain food. Running and general aerobic endurance exercises have been shown to increase brain cognition. Strength and mind-body training studies have linked activity to improved cognitive power, processing speed, and overall brain executive function.

Does relaxing help you and your brain?

Here's what Harvard research thinks about reducing stress and relaxation.

There is no need to go over the top with exercise. Walking briskly and on purpose a few days a week helps. Notice that there are differences in exercises types and their contribution to brain health. Evidence suggests that aerobic and resistance training are better for cognition than stretching exercises.

Wait, there is more.

Exercise changes the brain for the better.

Wendy Suzuki presents her findings in an impressive TED Talk.

Is fitness only for young people? Guess again.

Here's the research about yoga's benefits for older adults:

Sleep your brain into the best recovery

Wondering if you would ever get rich in your sleep? You are, and there's no doubt about it. Sleep is the best recovery for your body, mind, and spirit. Make sure you sleep enough and get a hold of both quantity and quality of sleep.

Food and fitness too tricky? The quality of deep sleep matters.

If nothing else, invest in your sleep and get this essential brain power essential covered.

Try the other way around. Less sleep aggravates your brain and more.

Read to learn and relax. That's your guaranteed reward.

More help? Get expert guidance for your personal health journey.

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