How to Crush Your Fitness Solution with One Free Truth

What's the most straightforward way to focus? Ask a question about the desired subject. That's it. Focus requires what? Conscious attention. You make a concentrated effort.

If you want fitness to pay healthy dividends, you need focus and intensity.

Hard work is essential too. But It's mostly about what works for you.

I will say that again: for you. There it is. I've "SAID" it.

Do you want to know how to crush your fitness solution with one free truth?

It's about respecting and adopting fitness principles when exercising.

One of the most result-oriented principles in fitness is "SAID."

It stands for Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands.

Why is this so important? Because it guides you from the beginning in the right direction.

In other words, train for what you want to achieve, and the results will come.

Be clear about your goal and design your fitness program accordingly.

Random choices have never helped anyone achieve anything.

I leave the lottery and the jackpots out of the equation.

Do you want to become the best soccer player?

Cool. Check out the essential soccer movement patterns.

Train for soccer, and your body will adapt to its specific demands.

Remember, fitness program design must reflect you and your outcome.

One more thing: the SAID principle has a few unfamiliar faces. It's not all about lifting weights and following particular movement patterns. Intensity, in the form of neuromuscular specificity, is essential for the success of a fitness program. Exercise selection needs to take this into account. That's the most critical muscular adaptation you need.

It's "SAID" that builds the fundamentals for your fitness solution.

And we know that most accomplished athletes do one thing first: cover the basics.

Why? That's what matters most. And it's a free truth for every fitness solution too.

Do you want a specific fitness solution for your needs?

Take the first step and get started with your habits for freedom.

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