This is What Happens When You Sit Down for Hours at a Time

Have you ever thought about how much time you sit down every day? It's just one of those unconscious things that creep in and move you in the wrong direction. You get into a whole host of chronic diseases, physical pains to mental strain. All this from sitting down?

Yes. This is what happens when you sit down for hours at a time.

I am taking a good look at my day. Focusing is a good thing, and right now, I become aware of my habit of sitting down. I never reflected on it and understood really how much time I spend sitting down. Guess what? It's a lot, and I've seen it grow, hours at a time. But I won too: a better understanding of what sitting down really means.

Sitting down starts with your mind, as quite a lot of things that we do habitually. We cultivate a system that gets automatic and perpetuates itself without any reflex to question it. Even in the face of apparent health issues, we won't link them up to sitting down, anything else but that.

But wait a minute. What are we talking about? Why is this thing so wrong? We do it every day, see everyone doing it, take car driving, public transport, enjoy a meal, watch TV, meet a friend, spend time with the family, and the list goes on and on. Doing something every day and viewing others doing the same doesn't mean it's the optimal thing to do, far from that.

Let's get real with this bad habit. Sitting down gets you more and more into a sedentary lifestyle. You automatically qualify for a higher risk of becoming overweight, developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and experiencing depression and anxiety. Sitting down for hours at a time leads to leg and glute muscle loss. Stability and walking may become an issue, and your risk of injuries will rise.

How about your hips and back? Well, your hip flexors shorten, and your hip joints will suffer. Your posture plays into poor spine health, and that adds a new collection of physical issues, from low back pain to disc compression in your spine. The result? More pain and health issues over time. Working with a computer? Join the club of stiff neck and shoulders.

Here is the solution. Think about your health journey and become aware of the power of your mind. Schedule more activity into your day. And I really mean it, take the time, treat it as any other conscious and vital activity, and get it scheduled. Make sure you stand more, take breaks, walk inside or outside, take the stairs if that's an option, move when you talk on the phone and exercise.

Don't let sitting down create fear and havoc

Take control and make sure you enjoy your health journey.

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