This is What Happens when You Sleep One More Easy Hour

You are home now more than ever. There is a fantastic positive you can enjoy more: sleep. More sleep creates a lucid dream and vision about your superb future. I can already hear you wonder and say that sleep is the last thing you'd think of now. Hope and joy come up in the little things that you can think of and discover everywhere. I get it. Food and nutrition are confusing. The gym is closed. Health? Now what? Sleep more.

Let's talk about an optimal health journey. How do you feel and achieve fantastic health? What's the one ingredient that can never be absent? Sleep is indispensable for health, weight loss, and recovery. How about a detox? How can you improve your brain? More sleep. Getting rich in your sleep is not about money. It's about your health.

Sleep is the best meditation - Dalai Lama

Do you usually get enough sleep?

No. I don't think so. There is chronic sleep deprivation all over the world.

Developing and developed countries suffer most from lack of sufficient sleep.

And that affects the core of your health and performance. Be more successful?

Here's a solution: sleep one hour more. The current Coronavirus circumstances are not all against us. Rest and recovery make a difference in our immune system. There is hope and a positive side to it if you look for it.

You are more at home than ever now. There never is an excuse for insufficient sleep, now that's even less the case. Go for one more hour.

Happiness consists of getting enough sleep. Just that, nothing more Robert A. Heinlein

Sleep is part of a well-thought system of mindset and behavior. There is a way to enjoy freedom with habits to a robust health foundation for life. WFPB, exercise, healthy stress, and recovery act in concert for a superb health journey.

Look for the positive and start now.

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