This is Why the Best Supplements Never make You a Spectacular Success

A supplement is an addition.

It is something extra meant to complement the essential stuff.

The supplement industry plays to a mindset of easy and instant gratification.

It's like a superpower that makes it possible always to achieve everything with a trick.

The magic pill becomes the first aid for a false promise of spectacular success.

It is a supplement.

Supplements are non-Essential.

Remember, your health journey is a marathon.

Here's why the pills never make you a spectacular success:

- because you want real food and exercise; there is no need for pills

- because you want to learn sustainable skills for a lasting lifestyle change

- because you want to get the basics in place before you ever consider capsules

- because you want to develop and learn from your biofeedback

I am not even talking about supplements' safety or the claims on the labels

Furthermore, supplements convey a gravely wrong message.

They tell the story that you can somehow outsmart a lousy diet and a sedentary l

That is not the case. Prevention is front and center of a successful health journey.

And that means a conscious choice to enjoy real food and smart exercise.

Focus on the Essentials of your Health Journey

Let's be very clear about the priority here.

Learn the fundamentals of Complete Nutrition.

Get a safe grip on perfect form with Elegant Fitness.

Set yourself up for consistency with the fundamentals.

Real food and adequate exercise are the keys to your health journey.

Think about Supplements much, much later

They are only a consideration after you have mastered the fundamentals for at least a year.And that is for exceptional cases with particular needs for limited periods.

Why? Think of supplements as always being the last resort.

And only if you meet particular conditions.

Here's the conclusion concerning supplements.

Go for a sustainable lifestyle change, with joy and energy from real food and exercise.

Forget about the magic pills. So, never take any supplements?

That's like never say never.

There are particular cases based on specific needs and under certain conditions.

Exercise a critical mindset and check the evidence against peer-reviewed research.

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What are the specific supplements suitable for what situations?

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