Emotions, technology, and a choice.

Active listening is gone. Our senses have become addicted to technology. We stopped tuning in to our inner body to find out who we are and what is our real value. Technology defines almost every aspect of our life, and it separates us from the fantastic source of inside-out feedback. How can you become aware of and notice your honest feelings? What can you do to engage you on your health journey?

Get in touch with your body. Notice the Lotus flower and observe your feelings.

Technology is amazingly convenient and deceitful

You know you wake up and go to sleep with your mobile phone. We check the news, we e-mail, we talk, we chat, we look at movies, we listen to the radio, we read books, we do calculations, we check the weather, we record our life in pictures, sound, and video, we track food, training, health, sleep and much more. Heck, it becomes easier to make the list of where we do not use technology. How crazy is that?

Technology is great. It brings progress and real opportunities for people all over the world. Technology is mind-blowing when you take a moment to realize how far the planet has come in recent decades. It can be a significant force for good in the context of us becoming more and more reliant on it. Technology has been made comfortable, convenient and subtly delusive.

Feelings are the keys to actions

The choice for technology creates clear degrees of separation. It takes us further and further away from our innermost feelings. In today's world, noise has become a fundamental fact of life for every human sense we can perceive. The roar keeps growing, and it gets amplified by our selective use of technology. Our feelings get hurt. Where is the capability to recognize inside-out feedback? Take a moment and try to answer the following questions:

- How do you feel inside at a deeper level?

- How can you tell the difference between feeling peaceful and serene?

- What can you observe when you feel blissful or fulfilled?

You see how difficult it has become to express your true feelings in more than one word and at a deeper being level than the unconscious daily ritual we all display? The connection to inside-out feedback and our body as a whole is a fuzzy vision at best. Blurred feelings are never a sustainable foundation for success.

Dreams and feelings in the middle of reality

You know you have a vision. You set a course on your journey to achieve your goal. It has taken you a great deal of effort and determination to get there. How do you feel? Can you imagine these emotions with the intense and combined power of all your senses? We chase success and its image because we want to feel in a certain way. We need to feel fantastic, and we associate this feeling specific achievements and see that as our journey to get there.

Please have a look at the deeper meaning of emotions and how important they are.


Awareness is essential to observe and notice cues

It starts with our identity. It begins with identifying how we feel; then we follow up by seeing the emotional message we receive, only later to figure out what our response is. Ok, I understand, you hear yourself saying. How do I do that? Moreover, how can I take some practical steps to improve my health with fitness and nutrition?

There is a strategy for your personal health journey

You want to take action. You are aware of the technology in your life and are inclined to move forward to listen to your body. Here are a few comfortable steps you can take today:

- take on meditation and create daily mindfulness minutes in your life

- let go of perfection and go for the Olympic thought of participation and behavior

- take a few 3-minute breaks a day and ask yourself what and how you feel

- notice how it feels when you are at the gym, when you get tired, why, and for how long

- observe at what time you become hungry at lunch and how fast you eat and where

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