The 5 essential questions about health

Ask the right questions about Elegant Fitness and Complete Nutrition

What is health? How do you define health for yourself? There is no debate about the importance of health. Take a look at health from a complete perspective of the mind, the body, and spirit. These are the stars of the health movie. This movie has a couple of indispensable support staff members, elegant fitness, and complete nutrition. We need to realize that it takes a full team of fitness, nutrition, body, mind.and spirit to deliver the huge performance we all want. And we certainly recognize and appreciate a truly amazing movie when we see one.

So what does it take to bring your health movie to a box-office success?

Well, we have a few questions to ask to find that out.

Elegant Fitness

Fitness is the ability to perform your desired daily activities with ease and have a reserve to use when more is needed. The essential fitness question creates conscious awareness about your fitness and it does so in both your desired daily activities and of what needs to be done to get there, with some reserve to spare.

Are you consciously aware of your fitness? This is the key to unlocking some food for thought in terms of where you are and where you want to go with your fitness. And while you think for a moment, let me give you an example. Maybe you went to a gym in the past, even if it wasn't for you. Did you look around, observe the people working out, the machines, the free weights? Were you able to notice if people were working according to a fitness routine? Or were they just doing some sort of an imaginary sequence of exercises that is nowhere near a specific fitness routine designed for them? I see that all the time. I have done that myself and was convinced that I was absolutely doing scientific fitness. I was expecting results, fast and amazing results. Guess what? These results never came near where I wanted to be.

Complete Nutrition

Nutrition is the process by which food gets transformed into nutrients for your body. Nutrition is science. It is the science that has the primary answer to our energy. We usually think of food as nutrition and equate the calories we eat to the energy we get. There is certainly some truth in this simple statement, and it helps us relate abstract concepts to something we daily love or hate or both at the same time. So the essential nutrition question refers to energy. What is good nutrition for performance?

We want to feel good, not overreacting here, and have a decent amount of energy with everything we do. When we are passionate about doing something we want and definitely spend more energy. Doing less, for example, when you are relaxing, means there are fewer demands on energy. There is a fine balance to be achieved between nutrition and energy. I am totally ignoring the discussion on excellent food and fine nutrition for a future blog post.


Let's take our heart as the most important metaphor for our whole body. The heart is a very intelligent and complex mechanism that keeps you and everything alive in your body. Its importance is never underestimated. And the essential question here is about your heart's optimal health. How can you create optimal health for your heart?

Optimal health for your heart means to a large extent optimal health for you and your body. At the very core, your heart is like a muscle. And what do we know about a muscle? It can and must be trained to reach that ability to perform daily activities with ease and then some. Heart fitness is not something you read about every day> just as with lots of things, we just take our heart and its fitness for granted. And now we know better.


The mind is a very abstract concept. It is often being discussed, and it is also often positioned as being your brain. Let's try to make it simpler. It is basically your own stream of conscious and unconscious thoughts. We have tens of thousands of thoughts every day. This is the way we think. And our thinking defines who we are, and most importantly, it defines our behavior.

The essential question here refers to our ability to control our thoughts. Are you able to manage your thoughts? Managing your thoughts means to become conscious of at least a good part of your thoughts. And in doing so observing your thoughts will make the road free to become conscious of your behavior. The options you can create here become endless. What a positive thought!


It is for sure a loaded word. It is often left unsaid. And it helps to bring it down to your higher purpose and the way you feel most grounded and connected to something you believe in. The essential question here refers to your higher purpose. You get up every morning. Maybe you go to work. Or maybe you are on vacation. The point here is that you show up somewhere and you do so on purpose. So the essential question here is about finding out your true purpose.

It may very well be that your purpose has been hidden behind immediate needs, short-term interests, or simply things you do because you are on automatic pilot. You just do it because that is what you have been doing for years. It certainly pays off to regularly take some time for reflection. Your purpose is certainly your driving force to achieve great things. Reveal it to yourself and you may accelerate your journey of getting there.

A health journey by design creates the right individual balance for you with your fitness, your nutrition, definitely your body, mind, and spirit. There are lots and lots of questions to ask to define your personal health journey. It very much depends on your purpose and your underlying goals. Are you looking for physique transformation, for elite athlete fitness or "just" to feel better and to get in shape?

What are your essential questions?

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